For Nicolás Maduro, the opposition seeks to create chaos in Venezuela to influence the US elections.

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This “last minute” information, he explained, comes from “communications from conspiratorial sectors” outside the country that were captured by the Government, the president denounced.

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, denounced an alleged violent plan organized by his opponents that he would seek, as he said, to create chaos in the South American country and thereby affect the result of the presidential elections in the United States, scheduled for this Tuesday.

“They intend in the next few hours, they intend actions of attack and violence to try, they say, to create the image of chaos, of a crisis in Venezuela and to try to turn the vote in Florida and in the US”, Maduro said during a political event in Caracas.

This “last minute” information, he explained, comes from “communications from conspiratorial sectors” outside of Venezuela that were captured by his Government.

For this reason, the ruler alerted the citizens and asked the security forces to have “a thousand eyes” and “a thousand ears” to “take care of peace.”

US President Donald Trump “commissioned (Venezuelan opposition leader) Juan Guaidó and (Colombian President) Iván Duque to create something moving, shocking in Venezuela. They spoke of a red October, but they failed“said Maduro after insisting that he does not care who wins the US elections.

“They are preparing to try to carry the violence in one way or another,” he added without further details.

Last Wednesday, Maduro reiterated your willingness to dialogue with the winner of the US elections, although he acknowledged that he has not had contact with any of them.

At a press conference, the president assured that, since the arrival of Chavismo to power in Venezuela in 1999, they have had contacts, “in the middle of the worst conflict” with former US presidents Bill Clinton, George Bush, Barack Obama, and even with the current president, Donald Trump.

For this reason, he asked to have “the assurance” that, regardless of who wins in the US elections, the new president “will have a valid interlocutor in Venezuela,” alluding to himself.

In addition, the president expressed his hope that the dialogues with Trump, if he is re-elected, or with the candidate of the Democratic Party, Joe Biden, if he manages to win in the elections, will allow to overcome “the hindrances of imperialist policy”.

The United States recognizes Guaidó as interim president of Venezuela, as well as fifty other countries.

Source: EFE



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