For Evo Morales, the wealth of lithium in Bolivia was the cause of the “coup” that removed him from power

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The former president, who has just returned to his country after the inauguration of Luis Arce, denounced that “the industrialized countries” want to keep that resource.

Former Bolivian President Evo Morales assured this Tuesday that the large lithium deposits in his country were the reason for the “coup d’état” of which he maintains that he was a victim in the political crisis unleashed after the suspicions of fraud in the 2019 elections .

One day after returning to Bolivia a year after going to Mexico and then to Argentina in the midst of a revolt that forced him to leave his post, Morales held a press conference exclusively to talk about the project his government had to industrialize lithium.

The leader of the Movement to Socialism did not accept to speak about any other issue beyond lithium, and maintained that this project was paralyzed during the term of the interim government of Jeanine Áñez but assured that it will be resumed now that his former Minister of Economy Luis Arce he is the new president for the next five years.

The call for journalists was made in one of the hotels located in front of the famous Uyuni salt flat, one of the best-known tourist attractions of Bolivia in the world, during the second of the three stages of its return turn, with which he is traveling a large part of Bolivian territory.

Morales recalled that, in his time as president -between 2006 and 2019-, he had conversations with dignitaries from South Korea and Japan to whom he offered to sell their lithium battery industries assembled in Bolivia, which apparently did not convince to your interlocutors.

“After so many meetings, I realized that the West, that is, the industrialized countries, only want us Latin Americans so that we can guarantee the raw material,” Morales said.

“Humanity’s struggle is always for control of natural resources. Whose natural resources are they? Of the peoples under the administration of the State or of the private peoples under the looting of transnational corporations,” he added.

In that sense, Morales considered that “where the peoples are the owners of natural resources, they prepare bases and military interventions and even coups d’état.”

Morales also recalled the message published on social networks by millionaire Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla, referring to the world level in the manufacture of electric cars.

The US nationalized South African multimillionaire businessman assured, in apparent irony, that they would hit whoever they wanted, in response to a user who reproached him for the fact that the United States had carried out a “coup” in Bolivia to keep his lithium.

“The owner of Tesla claims to have financed the coup, only for lithium. In the United States there is great concern about lithium, and this hit is to lithium. They do not want us to give the added value to lithium as a State, they always want our natural resources to be in the hands of the transnationals, “he said.

Morales said he was still convinced that “two or three countries will define the price of lithium for the world in the future,” for which he encouraged the rest of Latin American countries to maintain their sovereignty over natural resources.

“All Latin Americans have to work there,” said Morales, who believes that in this way the continent will be able to close the gap in science and technology.

Morales gave this conference on his second day of his return tour to Bolivia, a journey from south to center with different stops with social events and rallies in those regions of the country where he has the most support.

The caravan began on Monday, the day after Arce’s inauguration as president, after his victory by 55% of the vote in the October 18 elections. Morales crossed the border between Bolivia and Argentina on foot, where he had been installed for the last 11 months, and from there he reached Uyuni.

This Tuesday he continued to Oruro, with an emotional stop in Orinoca, the village that saw him born 61 years ago in the vicinity of Lake Poopó.


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