For driving off the track at turns 1 and 4, you face a fine

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Before the start of the Portuguese racing weekend, the FIA ​​warned the riders that the stewards will strictly monitor compliance with the limits of the track, and if a departure outside these limits in the 1st and 4th turns is recorded, then sanctions will follow.

The FIA ​​instructions say that if in any of the weekend sessions, as well as in the race at the exit from the 1st turn, all four wheels of the car are behind the white line, then the rider’s lap time will be canceled.

The same applies to the left 4th turn of the highway in Portimão.

Each such event will be communicated to the teams through the officially accepted reporting system, and during the Grand Prix, after the third warning, a black and white flag will be shown to the rider who committed such a violation. All subsequent violations will be reported to the stewards.

The FIA ​​separately warned that we are talking about three violations in aggregate, and not about three in each of the corners. Also in the instructions of the federation, it is stipulated that a rider who has taken a short turn can return to the track only after making sure it is safe and he will not receive a long-term advantage.

However, all these requirements will not apply to riders who are forced to leave the track by the rivals, but each such case will be considered separately by the stewards.



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