A 19-year-old football player Ilenia Matilli was involved in a serious car accident in December last year. The Lazio player went into a coma and his friend died in an accident.

Matilli has been in hospital in Rome since the accident.

Matilli represents Lazio but his favorite team is Roma. Her parents have played a Roman encouragement song for her in the hope that the girl would wake up from a coma.

Francesco Totti, Matill’s biggest role model, also heard about the fate of the football promise. Totti is an AS Roman club legend and former Italian national team player.

Totti recently sent a video greeting to Matille.

– Ilenia, don’t give up. We are your support, the club legend encouraged.

The girl’s parents showed a video clip even though Matilli was in a coma. The state of the football promise finally showed light at the end of the tunnel as he woke up from a coma after nine months.

The parents did not believe what they saw. They thanked Totti and invited him to visit the hospital.

– Your fantastic voice and Ilenia’s passion for Rome helped her wake up. Her eyes are full of light and joy, her parents rejoiced.

Another appointment

The parents’ request arrived, as Totti arrived on Monday to visit Matilli at the hospital. During the one-and-a-half-hour visit, the football promise received a signed Toti Roma jersey and a co-image with his role model.

There is a bright smile on Matill’s face in the pictures. Totti was also taken from the case.

– It was beautiful and touching. I hope it was that for him too. I was really happy. She didn’t talk, but we hugged and she started crying.

– If I had known about it earlier, I would have done more. It was great to meet Ilien. We’ll meet again when he gets out of the hospital.

If the video does not appear, you can watch its here.

The idea to contact Toti was a friend of Matill’s. The girl’s father is grateful for everything that happened.

– Francesco agreed immediately. He is clearly a person with a good heart. At the hospital, it felt like I was talking to my own brother.

If the image does not appear, you can view its here.

Totti played his entire career in Rome and also served as the team captain. The club’s own bred is the player who has played the most official matches and scored the most goals in Roman history.

He won the Italian championship and the Italian Cup and supercup twice in Rome.

In the national team Totti 58 matches and scored nine goals. He also has the 2006 World Championship under his belt.