‘Football is over’, the pain of the fans who fired Diego Maradona at the Obelisco

There was a massive call in the place where sports victories are usually celebrated.

Scenario par excellence of the great Argentine events, symbol of championship celebrations, especially football. The first reaction, the one that commands the heart, was to go to the Obelisk to start saying goodbye to the greatest legend in the history of world football. To the idol of national sport.

Tears of sadness and emotion that are lost on the masks. And, in the midst of the pain, shouts of encouragement, of ovation, in gratitude for the character who gave the Argentines the most joy. “Olé, olé, olé, Diego, Diego”It was the most sung, like thousands of times on so many courts.

The call for the Obelisk was made by the “Maradonian Church” through social networks. And it became a massive self-call. Shortly after 6 p.m., the Obelisco was filled with fans wearing Argentina jerseys with 10 on the back and with jackets from various clubs that Maradona passed through as a footballer or DT: Argentinos Juniors, Boca, Napoli, Newell’s, Gimnasia, Racing. There were also fans of River, San Lorenzo, Lanús, Huracán, Sarmiento de Junín, Independiente, Defensa and Justicia and the list could go on.

“If you are Argentine you have to sing, thank you very much, thank you very much captain”They chanted very loudly, jumping, waving their arms. On the bars to the monument, the flags: Just thank you D10S. The kids from Longchamps “, said one and several more with other firms. What happened at the Obelisk on Wednesday evening was above all a gesture of gratitude.

Three generations of the Elías de Boedo family are on the square in front of the monument. From grandchildren to grandparents. “For the world of football it is the greatest sadness. Football is over”, They tell Clarion. The family is divided between fans of San Lorenzo, Boca and River. “It was a miracle. He went from nothing to glory ”, describes him Mirta (65), who once had the opportunity to hug him.

“He was the one who told the bodyguards to open up and he came to hug me. I started crying, ”the woman recalls. “Diego is humility,” he assures. Her husband, Emilio (66), was also able to greet Maradona during a summer in Mar del Plata in the “Sun without drugs” campaign. His son, then very young, was on stage with him that day. “Beyond any ideology, it shows that there is no crack. It can bring us all together ”, the Elias agree.

Felipe Martínez Carbino (26) has as the wallpaper on his cell phone the photo that was taken with Maradona very recently in Estancia Chica. The young man is vice president of Juventud Unida de Gualeguaychú and since they had just descended, he asked Diego if they could go and greet him, sign shirts and record a video for the players and fans, who were very unmotivated.

“The environment didn’t want to, but he did and he told us to go from a Wednesday to a Thursday. There were people from other clubs too. After training he spent half an hour chatting with us until the golf cart came because he was tired of standing still. And he stayed 10 more minutes. He had those gestures of greatness, “he said.

“It is the same as Gardel. I lived it playing soccer. Tomorrow this – because of the crowd – is going to be even bigger. He was always with people who felt bad here, ”says Mariano León González (40), an accountant who lives a few blocks from the Obelisk. “When I saw the news, I took off my suit and put on the Argentina shirt and came here,” he said and recalled with great emotion one of the moments that most marked him in Diego’s history: “When he began to cry in the final of the ’90 ”.

“Ooole… oooleee”people suddenly began to scream. On a screen in Cerrito and Corrientes, the OCA company paid tribute to Diego and among its advertisements it inserted goals of 10 with the national team and historical images such as when he warmed up playing small games before the games.

Among the songs were not lacking: “The one who does not jump is an Englishman” Y “Maradona is bigger than Pelé”. But perhaps the most exciting was: “Diego did not die, Diego lives in the town, the fucking mother who gave birth to him”.




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