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Football clubs have jointly spent much less money on new players during the last transfer period than a year ago. According to research by the world football association FIFA, the total amount has fallen by no less than 1.6 billion euros.

The clubs spent 3.3 billion euros on reinforcements in recent months, compared to 4.9 billion euros the year before. Also significantly fewer players made a transfer (7,424 to 9,087).

FIFA points to the corona crisis as the cause of the decline. Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, the transfer window was extended by another five weeks, but that did not mean that clubs took extra money.

The Premier League teams spent by far the most money on players with 1 billion euros, followed by the Serie A (460.1 million euros) and La Liga (411.6 million euros). The Eredivisie is in seventh place with 92.2 million euros.

The FIFA report also shows that women’s football has been less affected by the corona crisis. The amount spent on players almost doubled from 455,000 to 822,000 euros and the number of transfers increased from 385 to 522.

The corona crisis has a significant impact on football. In almost all countries, including the Netherlands, the matches have been played with little to no audience for six months, so that the clubs miss out on a lot of income.



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