Food and exercises to lower the tummy and reduce the waist

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Eating too much, sedentary lifestyle and quarantine favored weight gain and a higher concentration of fat tissue in the abdomen.

Nutritional physicians say that during the first six months of quarantine the average weight gain was 3 to 5 kilos in patients who attended their consultations. That increase is not only annoying on the scale. It is also noted in the waist when wanting to fasten the pants and on the belly when trying on last spring’s clothes. Well, the best way to reduce those centimeters that quarantine and sedentary lifestyle added to the body contour, is by taking care of yourself at meals and doing physical activity at home or outdoors in areas where gyms are not enabled.

According to María de los Ángeles Sánchez Calvin (MN 121.757), a specialist in nutrition, obesity and psychonutrition, before undertaking a plan of healthy nutrition and exercises to reduce inches of belly and waist, it is essential to seek a balance between mind, body and soul, to achieve visible and lasting results.

Then, the specialist’s recommendation is to maintain a diet rich in unrefined or whole natural foods, if possible organic, with a great contribution of fiber, antioxidants and micronutrients, in addition to proper hydration, without forgetting pre and probiotics to take care of the intestinal microbiota. “It’s not about counting calories but about providing nutrients,” he says.

However, to accompany an exercise routine, it will not be enough just to add healthy foods to the diet. It will also be advisable to gradually reduce and eliminate ultra-processed products. “The ultra-processed or industrialized ones are obtained by combining foods with additives (flavorings, sweeteners, stabilizers, colorants), fats, sugar, salt and little nutritional value”, explains Romina Renner, specialist in medical and obesity clinic, from Bionut Obesidad ( MN157.351).

According to the doctor, its consumption is not only associated with overweight and obesity, but also with the suffering of chronic non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular, degenerative and different types of cancer. “It is important that consumers are aware of the risks involved in including this type of product in the diet and what it entails for health,” he says.

For Renner, the most important thing to maintain a healthy body is the incorporation of healthy habits. “Eating healthy is not being monotonous in the preparations or starving, since in that way the only thing we gain is frustration. Restrictive diets are not recommended. On the contrary, it is necessary to allow ourselves and enjoy this new choice of life. cataloging nothing as prohibited, but establishing a balance between the emotional and the alimentary not to eat with guilt or feelings of anguish, “he says.

There are many myths and beliefs about diet and weight gain that exist. Let’s see what is true in some of them.

– Eating carbohydrates in excess causes bloating or abdominal distention.

“Abdominal distention is a very frequent reason for consultation by patients, not only for cosmetic reasons but also because of the discomfort it produces,” says Renner. “The causes can be of physiological origin as well as improper eating habits. Some short chain carbohydrates have a more difficult absorption and, therefore, end up rapidly fermenting within the digestive system with the subsequent production of gas, bloating and colic. Among the causes of this discomfort are legumes and soft drinks, although an increase in fiber consumption (fruits and vegetables) can also cause it “.

Anyway, the doctor clarifies that carbohydrates are the most important macronutrients in a diet since they are the first source of energy, and that “its balanced consumption does not produce alterations”.

– Eating carbohydrates and fats in excess causes cellulite.

According to Renner, several factors contribute to the appearance of cellulite, including genetics, lifestyle, hormonal imbalance, stress, smoking, and the consumption of alcohol and coffee. “However, diet plays a crucial role in the appearance of the skin,” says the doctor.

Sánchez Calvin agrees, who states that to prevent the appearance of cellulite it is recommended to eat a natural diet rich in antioxidants, as well as proper hydration and physical exercise. “It is always preferable to choose what does not come in a package, which is unprocessed or minimally processed without affecting the nutritional quality, and to make homemade preparations,” he adds.

– Salt causes fluid retention and also the appearance of cellulite.

“Salt is hydrophilic, by which it drags water and leads to fluid retention between tissues, which is one of the main causes of cellulite,” says the doctor. “It is advised not to consume it in excess, taking into account that it is mainly found in ultra-processed foods as well as in soda that present a high concentration of sodium “.

– Drinking a lot of water makes you lose weight.


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