He Arsenal continues the open conflict between Mesut Ozil Y Mikel Arteta, whose relationship was further cracked when the German footballer was left off the list of players for the Premier League by decision of the San Sebastian coach.

Arteta defended himself then pointing out that “my conscience is very calm because I have been fair it’s a football decision and my level of communication with him has been very high. “

However, even though the player was limited to throwing a dart through social media, his agent has charged the gunner technician, whom he accuses Lack of tact and even reproaches him for not having the details that they did have with him.

Erkut Sogut was blunt when he assured that “Mesut is not a player that yesterday was ‘toffee’ and today is ‘gunner’ “, affirmed in ESPN in reference to the past of Arteta like player of the Everton.

In addition, he recriminated that “Arteta did not play anything in his last two years, but they signed him up because he had a contract. Wenger took the last two minutes of his final game out of him just to give him a good ending. Look at how Arteta was treated in his last two years and how Mesut is being treated now, “denounced Sogut.

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Sogut went further, recalling that “Arsenal fans deserve an explanation. If a player has a contract, must have the option to fight of course. And they haven’t given it to Mesut. ”

He also asked “Why do you leave a player on the bench twice for 90 minutes if he is not fit or committed? I have spoken with technicians who at least with five teammates tell him that Mesut is training well. They say that Mesut is one of the best players and they don’t understand why he is left out. What are the football reasons? “”.

Arteta did not hesitate to respond to the criticisms of Ozil’s agent and did so through Mirror, where he explained that “if you have to lead, they have to trust you. For them to trust you, you must be honest. You have to be clear and be able to tell people to their faces, the good news and the bad news. You have to be consistent with what you say, the demands you make and what you apply, “he said.