A Real Madrid Plagued by absences, led by that of its captain Sergio Ramos and that of Frenchman Karim Benzema, an anticipated final is played this Wednesday at San Siro to get closer to the knockout stages of the Champions League against Inter Milan also against the ropes and forced to react to change the dynamics of his European campaign.

The game started better than ever for the whites, prompted by an unexpected penalty committed on Nacho. The Madrid defender was run over by Stretcher, and in a show of bravery, it was Eden Hazard who asked to throw it away. Head of the emergency room after his injury and without having scored for more than three years, the Belgian shot perfectly from the eleven-meter point at 0-1 in Milan.

Those of Antonio Conte they blocked with the goal against, and more when they saw that Madrid’s arreón did not slow down. Lucas Vazquez He brushed the 0-2 with a shot to the post, which forced the interista team to react.

The problem is that at Inter they did not have the crossover cables of Arturo vidal. The Chilean fell in the area after a possible demolition between Modric y Varane, but since the referee did not whistle it – nor did the WHERE– He was over-excited. The continuous protests made him receive a yellow card first, which angered him much more to the point that his teammates had to separate him. The collegiate Anthony Taylor he didn’t even think about it and expelled him.