Foden and Greenwood were kicked out of English selection after women visited hotel

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Manchester City midfielder Phil Foden (photo above) and Manchester United striker Mason Greenwood were kicked out of the England selection on Monday. After the Nations League game in and against Iceland (0-1) on Saturday, the duo had a visit from two women in the hotel and thereby violated the strict corona rules.

Various English media reported on Monday about the hotel visit of the women, where the tabloids had evidence in their hands.

National coach Gareth Southgate did not want to go into details later in the day at a press moment, but said the two have broken the rules and are no longer in the selection. “We quickly made sure that they did not come into contact with other players and therefore would not train”, he said.

“They will now individually return to England. We are still trying to find out exactly what happened. In any case, it is clear that the corona guidelines have not been followed.”

Foden was in the starting line-up against Iceland, which marked his debut as an England international. Last season at United, Greenwood came in in the final phase and also made his first minutes on behalf of the ‘Three Lions’.

Twenty-year-old Foden and eighteen-year-old Greenwood are not present on Tuesday when England visits Denmark in the second Nations League round of play.

Mason Greenwood had his breakthrough at Manchester United last season. (Photo: Pro Shots)

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