Today, the SHL team represents Linköping Oula Prayer returned Thursday on Twitter to reminisce about his times in Mestis. At the same time, the attacker shared a very confusing picture.

In the picture, one of the spectators has pulled his pants down and looks his bare back west of the plexus facing the field. A plastic mug has fallen on top of the viewer.

A little higher up, the other person throws their almost full pint from the liquor bar to the field as the drink spills around.

– Share it ois thousands of stories Mestis season kicked off again. A series where nothing and everything is possible. The picture shows a robbery trip to Kupittaa and immediate feedback. Must love Turku, Palve writes.

If the image does not appear, you can view its here.

The embarrassing situation is about spring 2014, when Mikkeli’s Jukurit knocked out Tuton in the seventh match of the Mestis semi-finals 3–2. The winning goal scored by Palve came just a minute before the end of the actual playing time.

Jukurit moved on to celebrate to his own goal, right in front of Tuto’s drinking spectator.

For the people of Turku, the loss was very bitter, as Tuto had the opportunity to break the series already in the fifth match.

The Turku supporters were apparently still sure of their place in the stand-up game, as the big sheet, which can be seen in the picture, was in the auditorium. The text is the confident “Happy Summer Jukurit”.

The situation is also remembered in the match played by Jukureiden Oskari Setänen.

– One of the tastiest tentacles in my life flew in an arc directly to our mouth over the plexiglass, Setänen commented on Palve’s tweet with heart mojos.

Wild power

The service moved from the JYP Academy to Mikkeli Jukuri in the middle of the 2013–2014 season. Jukurit was one of Mestis’ top teams, so a long playoff spring was predictable.

However, the Jukurei’s path was not easy, as the semi-final against Vaasan Sport stretched until the seventh game. This was also the case in the famous semi-finals.

The jockeys were finally left with silver when KooKoo took the championship with 4-1 and won a place in the league.

Palve scored 1 + 9 in 19 playoffs. In their last Mestis season 2015–2016, the centre rotten in 43 regular season divisions with powers of 32 + 39 = 71.