Flower Box Display

Looking for a beautiful and eye-catching way to display flowers? Consider a flower box display! Perfect for adding color and charm to any space.

Flower Box Display: A Perfect Template for Celebrations

Looking for a creative and unique way to display your photos or videos on special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, or Valentine’s Day? Look no further than the Flower Box Display After Effects template. This template offers 20 placeholders for your images and text, making it an ideal choice if you have a lot of content that you would like to showcase.

The custom-made pattern designs on each box are included in the precomped version so that you can easily replace them with your own creations if desired. Two versions of this project are available – one-minute version showing photos 1-10 and two minutes long featuring up to 20 pictures. Additionally, Optical Flares plug-in has been pre-rendered in case users do not own it; however, those who have Optical Flares installed may use another file named ‘FlowerBoxDisplay_OF_required.aep’ file to change the lens flare used in this project.

One of the best features of this template is its user-friendly interface which makes customization easy even if someone has no prior experience with Adobe After Effects CS4 (or newer versions). The instructions provided will guide users through every step involved when customizing their templates with personalized texts/images.

Furthermore , everything is made using only Adobe After Effects without any pre-renders which means users don’t need third-party software during editing sessions saving both time & money!


This Flower Box Display comes packed full with amazing features including:

  • 10 Placeholders available within one minute
  • 20 Placeholders within two minutes
  • Opening & Closing Text Areas
  • Hd1080 Quality output format


To make these moments more memorable but relaxed we recommend adding music into videos created by Flower Boxes Dispaly! Although there isn’t any default music included in our package; therefore customers must purchase “Sweetest Dreams” track by PinkZebra from Audio Jungle website separately before they start editing their video.


Finally , Pupcat font (downloadable from Dafont.com) was chosen because its playful yet professional style fits well together creating an eye-catching visual result throughout all frames used within our product.

Images Speak Louder Than Words!

Don’t believe us? Take a look at these stunning stills taken directly from our product page showcasing just how beautiful life’s precious moments can be captured effortlessly by utilizing powerful technology like ours!

Flower Box Display - 1

Flower Box Display - 2

So what are you waiting for? Download now and get started capturing memories that will last forever!

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