After Mihai Mărgineanu, the artist Florin Chilian also jumps in defense of Dan Bittman and declares himself “anti-mask”. Contrary to his beliefs, however, Florin Chilian claims that he wears a protective mask where it is mandatory, because he respects the “fear” of those around him.

“Like Dan, although I don’t believe in a mask, I choose to wear it because I understand how to respect your fear, no matter how scared you are and who you are. I choose to do that, even though your fear limits my rights. a rule in the store or on the street, a respect, even if it is imposed by misinformation, fear, the interests of those who sell them at a premium for fear of remaining unsold with them – although they should have been distributed free at least to students, teachers , the elderly or the needy – or just stupidity.

That doesn’t make me, any of those who choose to respect your horror, abjectly induced by some cretinoid “authorities,” nor Dan, embarrassing, opportunists, impostors, or hypocrites. I mean, we really can’t have different opinions and opinions no matter what the arguments are ?! Did we all fool around? !! It seems so, “Florin Chilian wrote on his Facebook page.

The singer went on to make “arguments” in favor of his position and accuses the authorities of inducing panic and terror among citizens.

“Nothing about the validity of Bittman’s arguments, nothing about the reality of days when people terrified by so much panic thrown into society by some channels, criminals, choose to commit suicide out of fear, without waiting for the results of a test with a false positive rate of 90%, according to American researchers.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. ears or skin pores, through a fabric eye enters COVID’s mother, father and child. The whole family of covis enters, but I choose to wear a mask because I understand that I respect your fear. As I say: the sheep think horizontally and yet there are far too many fools.

Professor Dr. Vladimir Belis, former director of the National Institute of Forensic Medicine. He said it was essential to perform autopsies to find out the exact number of deaths caused by the coronavirus. These idiots bark, but politically correct in attitude, don’t they understand that ?! “, Florin Chilian also wrote.