Florida is approaching 800,000 coronavirus cases and the pandemic contaminates the US election campaign.

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It is one of the key states to win the elections next Tuesday. Although Trump maintains a slight advantage there, there are criticisms of his handling of the crisis.

The coronavirus advances without brake in Florida, which is very close to crossing the barrier of 800,000 cases, with more than 4,000 new positives registered this Wednesday, and the state, key to define the presidential elections next Tuesday, remains among the most affected in the United States.

With the 4,115 cases counted this Tuesday, the fifth day that exceeds 4,000 since October 17, the Florida account stands at 790,426, according to the Department of Health, a figure that maintains it as the third state in the country with the most cases accumulated from covid-19.

Donald Trump’s management of the coronavirus pandemic became a central issue in the campaign for the November 3 elections, in which the president seeks his re-election. And Florida is a crucial state that the current head of the White House disputes vote by vote with his Democratic rival Joe Biden.

Accumulated deaths rose to 16,775, with 66 accounted for this Tuesday. Florida is the fourth state with the most deaths from covid-19 in the United States.

The positive rate of the total of 75,067 tests made in the last 24 hours stood at 5.43% this Wednesday, a decrease compared to 6.28% on Tuesday.

Hospitalizations for this disease since March 1 total 48,722 and as of this Wednesday there were 2,340 people in Florida hospitals due to the new coronavirus.

In health centers in this state, as of Wednesday, 23.3% of beds were available, a lower percentage than Tuesday, according to the Florida Health Care Agency.

Miami-Dade County had 183,996 cases and 3,625 deaths this Wednesday, Broward 84,983 (645) and deaths remain at 1,520, and Palm Beach 51,415 (243) and 1,568.

The data released this Wednesday comes when the school authorities of these southern Florida counties, as well as another southern county like Monroe, give an account of almost 500 cases of coronavirus registered in educational centers local, between students and workers.

The figure reveals an increase of 32% compared to the previous week and with Miami-Dade in the lead, with 210 schools where cases have been reported.

The United States reached the figure of 8,773,407 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 226,604 deaths from the disease on Tuesday, according to the independent count from Johns Hopkins University.

The data could complicate Trump, who has already been several times in recent weeks leading campaign events in Florida. And although a last poll showed the president with a slight advantage over Biden in that state, the cards are not yet defined.

In two other states considered key to winning the election, Wisconsin and Michigan, the increase in coronavirus cases is damaging Trump’s re-election campaign, with growing criticism of his work on the pandemic and with preferences and hopes that Biden can handle the situation.

In Michigan, the Democrat has a considerable advantage among the female electorate, the moderates and the independents, according to ABC News / Washington Post polls. The difference in favor of Biden over the Republican is 51-44%, according to the poll produced for ABC by Langer Research Associates.

In Wisconsin, meanwhile, something similar happened, with Biden leading Trump with 57-40% of likely voters. This state currently ranks third in the nation in COVID-19 cases per capita, with a 53% increase in average daily cases in the last two weeks, a record.

The number of hospitalizations and a 112% increase in deaths also rose.


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