Florencia Peña and Natalia Oreiro: intimacies and memories in a “virtual” and vibrant face-to-face

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In the presentation of F de Flor, the actress of Married with kids It also had as guests Cande Molfese and the performers Miuka U and Victoria Molotok

Waiting to debut in Telefe with a new morning magazine, and after having to postpone the theatrical premiere of Married with kids Due to the pandemic, Florencia Peña decided to stay busy in these months of quarantine, and found an excellent excuse to share a time this Wednesday with Natalia Oreiro.

The actress had been anticipating in her social networks a personal undertaking new that came to light last week, and that today had its official presentation through an Instagram Live. Is about F de Flor, an online site that targets the female audience, with national content and products that carry their DNA.

“Not even quarantine stops ideas / F de flor is born here / I show you what I am”, sing in What attitude, the single rag that he presented a few days ago to announce his new project.

“It is a virtual communication platform, in which I will tell what things I like. Although it is a site to buy products (clothing, footwear, decoration) we are going to have a blog, I am going to make a lot of them alive. I want to share with other women all the things that do me good. We ally ourselves with national brands and entrepreneurs, and what I like we manufacture and sell ”, Peña said a few days ago.

On Instagram live, Peña began by telling what motivated her to get into the business world in the middle of a global health and economic crisis.

“I felt like it was time to do those things that I hadn’t been able to do. We created this platform and I met a lot of beautiful people. And one of the beautiful things that I did was partner with the Oreiro”, He explained, to introduce Natalia, your star guest.

“We have many things in common: the two we married musiciansWe both know the race is long and we have to reinvent ourselves“, He added, to start an informal and entertaining chat between two multifaceted women who are much loved by the public.

In a few seconds, at the cry of “What an attitude!”, the Uruguayan actress and singer appeared on screen. Peña confessed that she does not feel like a singer, despite having presented her first song. “I sing when I act, I was always an actress who sings. I thought it was fun doing the video clip because it seemed like if you’re over 40, there are things you can’t do“, Shooting.

“Your you can do what you want. And let them say what they want, “said Oreiro, alluding to one of his hits.

“I thank you for being in this alive. We never work together, that’s very crazy, “said Peña. Oreiro agreed, and revealed that Peña was “the first star he met in Argentina”, in a funny anecdote from when they were both teenagers and taking their first steps in TV.

“When you were in They are ten, I did the casting of Roller coaster. I came from Uruguay; I was waiting in the hall of Canal 13 and you appeared. I even remember what you were wearing: a lot of curl, a lot of tit … You had a zip-front leather top and a leather mini. And I was stunned. I think you looked at me because you noticed my slobbery face. Then I didn’t stay at the casting, “Oreiro said, causing Peña to laugh.

Immediately, the new entrepreneur remembered times when competed as protagonists of two fictions very popular. “I remember what you were doing You’re my life when they repeated Married with kids. I think you made 30 points. And I thought: ‘Are they going to put us with this tank?’ But it was great because the share went up a lot, and we were both a mega success”, Said Moni Argento of the Telefe strip.

Oreiro clarified that he is no longer part of Las Oreiro, the clothing line he founded with his sister, Adriana. But when her sister called her to tell her that Peña wanted to be associated with her company, it was agreed that about ten years ago, in a magazine photo shoot, Florencia had already told her about her desire to undertake this project.

“I love you, you seem to me an authentic woman, that you reinvent yourself, that you like to share your universe, that many women have helped us in that sense. I always had a lot of empathy, how you recover from situations. You are a woman who has an attitude, talent, you are a good mine, popular. And this is my way of accompanying you ”, praised Natalia.

“The same thing happens to me with you. This of being creator of yourself … You are an entrepreneur, you put your head, art. I admire you a lot, you are a very nice reference ”, replied Peña, who before saying goodbye to her colleague expressed a wish:“ I hope that at some point we will meet artistically ”.

The farewell, however, did not see the end of the IG, which followed with Cande Molfese in the place of the guest. Unbeatable opportunity for the former actress of Violetta Y I’m moon and current participant of Singing 2020 to deny the rumors of separation from Ruggero Pasquarelli.


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