Florencia Borelli, from the insults for training in Mar del Plata to thinking about Chernobyl and achieving a historical record

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The long-distance runner spoke with Clarín about how she lived her 8 months without competing for the pandemic, the attacks on the coast of her city, the impulse of the Netflix series and her Olympic dream.

Saturday February 22. Florence Borelli He goes out to play at his second home, the “Justo Román” stadium that hosted athletics at the 1995 Pan American Games in Mar del Plata, and wins the 3,000-meter event in 9m14s57. Saturday October 17. The blonde makes great history in Argentine sports, with his 22nd place in the World Half Marathon, in Poland, and a new national record 1h10m30, second absolute mark in South America. Eight months without competing. Eight months of pandemic. Eight months in which even she had to put up with being insulted in your city.

“When the athletes of Olympic or National level were exempted from isolation, we went out to train with my sister Mariana along the coast and several people insulted us. People were going crazy. For those who do not know us it was strange, but we were in order. It was very strong ”, Florencia tells Clarion from Gdynia, home of his sporting prowess.

Out of decency and in order not to promote hatred, the atrocities that were shouted at them will be avoided in these lines. “The aggressiveness was incredible. Sometimes reacted Big and sometimes I even reacted, I’m very calm. But you woke up badly that day and you don’t sit down or get yelled at: ‘What are you doing running? Go home ‘”Says Milo’s mother in her soft voice.

Of course, there were situations much more spicy. “One day before traveling to Poland, I was jogging lightly and a man told me that I had to wear a chinstrap to run. I explained the situation to him and he got stung with a high tone ”, he describes. The worst was lived in the roundabout of Constitución. “A guy passed me by with the car and went all the way around on purpose, following me to harass me. There are people who go out to fight ”.

The point is that this woman as tiny as she is giant for Argentine athletics, accustomed to the hardships of being an athlete in a country that asks for medals without knowing the day to day, brings a historical mark from Poland and the pride of being part of a selected female who was 13th, ahead of powers such as Great Britain and Spain, thanks to Daiana ocampo (1h11m50) and Marcela Cristina Gomez (1h14m18; with a minimum mark for the 2020 Tokyo marathon) they also broke their personal records.

“It’s great that we all have gone well, even more so after stopping so much and a trip that had everything. It is super illogical what I am going to tell, but I found out that I was going for the Argentine record 150 meters from the finish, when they yelled it at me. My eyes were opened, heh. I was so focused on mine that I forgot the watch”, He relates simply.

I did not expect this brand, but you can see that I really wanted to run. I estimate that for the months of pandemic -he argues-. Not injured I spent eight months without competing. It was a monstrous time-wise. With Big We asked ourselves: ‘What are we training for?’ There was nothing in sight. Until it arrived ”.

Of course the day came for Florence. And as each athlete leads the procession inside, the Mar del Plata showed mental strength and pushed into something unexpected: the “Chernobyl” series.

This is how he explains it: “I think very little during races. But a month and a half ago I saw ‘Chernobyl’ and it moved me a lot because of how hard it was for the country and the region. It was a series that hit me so much that I couldn’t eat before or after seeing her. In Poland, the language is so difficult that it mixed with the Russian in the series. What do i know The point is that I was running and thinking about some parts of the series ”.

The mind is like this: it pulls the strings and leads to incredible places. In a career, in life and in the daily struggle to combat disorders during this difficult-to-overcome pandemic. Borelli, used to training every day, went to zero when mandatory isolation was decreed. From then on, everything was step by step.

“We came from preseason to compete in March in the Grand Prix, the National and the Ibero-American. He had a trip to Kenya planned. And bye. Clean slate. He couldn’t even go outside. So I strengthened the abdominal area and was able to meet me 24 hours at home. That is why I revalued until I was able to warm up ”, he sentenced.

After two months at home, the exception arrived as an athlete and he was able to return to the street and the track little by little. His sister Mariana was his prop. “I was lower and Big, well up. You need a partner who lifts you up all the time, understands sport and lives it just like you do ”, he defines.

The motivation he needed came a month and a half ago, when it was confirmed that he would travel to the World Half Marathon. All very nice, but the story did not end there. A swab was done before leaving to check that it was negative for coronavirus. He arrived in Ezeiza and saw “everything desolate, without honking, empty, without people in a hurry.” He got on a plane to Amsterdam with a lot of sensitivity of most for the care. Then it landed in Warsaw and 40 more minutes to Gdynia.

There the tranquility did not end, because there was anxiety when the swabs of Ocampo and Gómez were “doubtful.” It was an eternal Tuesday the 13th until at the end the entire Argentine team, completed by Joaquín Arbe (1h03m55), was able to participate. Saturday arrived, the four laps of the circuit, the flashes Chernobyl, the Argentine record, the second South American brand in history, relief after 8 months.

His dream will be to attempt the feat of qualifying for the 5,000 meters at Tokyo 2020. And if he doesn’t, take on that enormous challenge of being a marathoner and thinking about Paris 2024. After all, Mar del Plata and the 42,195 Olympic kilometers are united thanks to Marita Peralta and Mariano Mastromarino.

He was born looking at the sea and fate wanted another sea, the Baltic, to witness his achievement in the World Cup. “When they told me I was going to Poland, I didn’t think it would be nice. Beautiful. Divine. So cute. Sure, they have sea. And i love the sea“, summarizes. The insults of the serial haters are in the past. The present is the record of Florencia Borelli.


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