‘Flor do Caribe’: Amaralina (Sthefany Brito) reappears and steals Taís buggy

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Amaralina (Sthefany Brito) will reappear and move Vila dos Ventos even more in the next chapters of the soap opera “Flor do Caribe” (first aired in 2013). Gone since he said goodbye to Duque (Jean Pierre Noher) and Cassiano (Henri Castelli) when the three landed in Rio de Janeiro and took different directions. What the young woman does not even suspect is being the granddaughter of Dom Rafael’s former partner (Cesar Troncoso), a victim of the coup plotter’s setup. The scenes are due to air in two weeks in the plot of Walther Negrão’s six.

‘Flower of the Caribbean’: Amaralina travels to the world behind her grandfather

For those who do not remember, Amaralina is the professional trickster who helped Duque and Cassiano escape the clutches of Dom Rafael in the Caribbean. With an old photo of her grandfather in hand, the girl travels the world in search of the only remaining member of her family, but makes a mystery about why she wants to find him so badly. Even so smart, Amaralina did not realize that her search is over and that the man in the photo is the Duke himself.

‘Flower of the Caribbean’: Duke hides being Amaralina’s grandson

He, in turn, although he recognized himself in the image, did not reveal himself, but will be thrilled to see his granddaughter in Vila dos Ventos, together with Cristal fans (Moro Anghileri). Excited, the girl says that she founded the singer’s fan club, which became an additional obstacle in the relationship between Cassiano and Ester (Grazi Massafera).

‘Flower of the Caribbean’: ‘poisoned’, Esther’s son is cold to his father

At the other end of the booklet, Alberto (Igor Rickli) has been showing from the first chapter that he is capable of everything to separate Cassiano from his great love, Ester. It was the bastard who was responsible for the pilot being imprisoned in the Caribbean for seven years unfairly. Now that he saw the military man return to Brazil and resume his relationship with the tour guide, Alberto resumed his plans to have the girl back. In this, the villain “poisons” Samuca (Vitor Figueiredo), Cassiano’s son, and makes the boy cold with the pilot, practically rejecting a hug in his father, who was taken abroad by force.

(Text updated by Guilherme Guidorizzi)


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