Flitsmeister helps dim street lighting in the Assen street

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During a test in Assen, the lighting on a road is dimmed when, according to the navigation app Flitsmeister, there are few people on the road. Flitsmeister announced this on Monday in a blogpost.

Also experiment with parking

Part of Europaweg-Zuid will be used for the project, which has been home to smart lamps from the Dutch company Sustainder since 2018. Flitsmeister measures traffic density based on the number of app users active in the area at that time.

The initiators hope that dimming the lights will lead to less energy consumption. Early analyzes would show that consumption will decrease by an average of a quarter.

At busy times, the light has to become brighter to make the situation clear for motorists. The light can also be amplified if someone with a breakdown is standing along the route. In theory, this makes the roads safer and leads to a better traffic flow.

A second experiment by the two companies has started at the parking lot behind the town hall in Assen. If a Flitsmeister user starts a parking action in the app, the lights there will temporarily light up to help with the search for a parking location.

The projects started on Monday and will run until the end of 2020. The results will then be evaluated to determine whether the system is permanently operational.



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