The flies crushed HIFK in Helsinki 7-3.

The puck sanctuary on Nordenskiöldinkatu was second and number one in the league table. The flies confirmed their top spot in the league table with a clean game.

HIFK introduced to its home audience its recent NHL loan player, who recently agreed with San Jose Sharks Antti Suomelan. HIFK also announced on Friday Otto Koivulan loan washer, but the New York Islanders contract player was not yet in the lineup.

In the flies, attention was drawn this week to a new deal with Edmonton Oilers Jesse Puljujärveen, who is also on loan in the League until the start of NHL camps.

HIFK started with a hard mill with the superiority they gained in the first few seconds, but immediately Kärppie’s first counterattack paid off. An early comet Otto Karvinen took the guests in the lead at 3.40.

Ten more minutes, and Cody Kunyk watered more poison after reaching Juho Keränen with misfeed the most sober HIFK guard Frans Tuohimaan with: 2–0 For flies.

HIFK’s game didn’t roll any better in the second set, and in the middle of the set it showed up on the scoreboard. Defender Libor Sulak rose from the blue with a slight distraction to the draw and fired his wrist into the puck backpack.

Soon after, the numbers were already 4-0 when Julius Hermonen opened the season at the end of his goal account.

At the end of the set, HIFK also finally got the copper broken when the defender Mikko Kousan a shot from behind the mask passed the fly guard Patrik Rybarin. The narrowing was born of force majeure.

However, the non-existent vents of the HIFK five already spoke of discouragement. The conclusion was covered in the final installment, which initially Mika Pyörälä took the Oulu team again to lead four goals. In addition to Kunyk, Puljujärvi also got an entry point.

Paint cluster at the end

It was not until the final moments that HIFK caught fire with the chick.

Five minutes before the buzzer Columbus Blue Jackets loan player Emil Bemström cannon with a 2-5 reduction by force. SHL’s paint king balance a couple of years ago is now 3 + 2.

Soon after a pack of stumps Miro Karjalainen raised HIFK to two goals with his opening goal of the season.

However, the change of goalkeeper to the sixth field player retaliated when Puljujärvi emptied the puck.

The same man still had time to tap on the wrist behind Tuohimaa, who had returned to the finish line: the final numbers crushingly to 7–3 Kärpi.