Flávia Viana and husband dress Sonic’s son in Gabriel’s 1 month party. Photograph!

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Flávia Viana and her husband, Marcelo Zangrandi, dressed their son, Gabriel, of the character of the Sonic video games to celebrate the boy’s first mesversário. The presenter and the comedian also entered the universe of games and put on a costume by Luigi and Mario Bross. The click was shared on Friday (16) and also brought together Flavia’s eldest daughter, Sabrina, 17, who has appeared on the web cradling her brother. “A month that our lives have changed forever! Midsummer of Gabs. We passed the stage (laughs). I will particularly make a living! Our family has grown, how radiant we are!”, Wrote the winner of “A Fazenda – Nova Chance” (2017 ).

Son of Flávia and Marcelo again enchanted by beauty

It was in the rural reality of Record TV that Flávia and Marcelo started dating – the couple became engaged in Paris in May 2019 and have plans to make the union official in January next year. “Gabriel, Gabriel! You are very loved, my son! I dreamed so much about this moment! God bless us and keep us today and forever!”, Added the presenter about the boy who has been enchanting the famous with his beauty. “First phase, we passed. How I love this family!”, Said the humorist. “A lot of health and light for everyone”, wished an internet user. “In love with you”, completed one more. “Gorgeous” and “perfect” were some of the compliments left to Flávia, Marcelo, Sabrina and Gabriel.

Flávia showed her body 11 days after giving birth: ‘Desinchei’

Less than two weeks after raising the family with the humorist known to imitate Sérgio Mallandro, the presenter went to the networks to show her body and comparing the before and after delivery. “I know how difficult postpartum recovery is, the postpartum phase, I got really swollen, I even commented with you in the stories, we leave the birth with the same belly that came in, looking like you’re still pregnant, right? Super swollen ! “, reported. “I have 11 days of powder and what I did in those 11 days: I drank a lot of water (3 liters a day). I did (I am doing), the breathing exercises that the physiotherapist went through every day. After a few days I did not give up of the belt and I’m breastfeeding full time “, completed Flávia.

Thammy’s son won Captain America costume at 9 months

Another famous couple who does not dispense with their son’s fantasy is Andressa Miranda and Thammy Miranda. The influencer and the actor dressed the little Bento of Captain America in his 9-month party. The boy had already won the costume of Chico Bento and Poderoso Chefinho in other celebrations.

(by Guilherme Guidorizzi)


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