Pure electric vehicles need less mechanical maintenance than cars with a combustion engine. By eliminating this element from the interior of the car, revisions related to filters, oils and other fluids that ensured the correct functioning of this central piece of the car are no longer necessary.

Can an electric car battery overheat? And explode?

However, the fuel is replaced by an electric battery that requires certain care if the car is to be used for several years. These batteries, usually lithium-ion, can last about 3,000 uploads and downloads According to Endesa, they can also lose effectiveness in each of them if sufficient care is not taken.

In order to avoid shortening the life of the electric car battery and take care of it properly, there are five fundamental tips to follow in daily use of these zero-emission vehicles.

  1. Avoid loading to the maximum. With a 100% full battery, there is more autonomy, but it is preferable to keep the charge in a range that does not exceed 80%. It is also not advisable to let the battery drain completely or below 20% of its capacity.
  2. Do not abuse fast charging. This mode saves time but must be used in a timely manner (when we run out of battery, for example, away from home or traveling). It is best to avoid using it as it wears out the cells.
  3. Control the times. Leaving the car plugged in for longer than necessary can ‘corrupt’ the battery. Optimal recharges, for reasons of time and even savings, are carried out at night but must always be carried out with a programmed timer.
  4. Be careful with the accelerator. Going from a combustion car to an electric one means changing the way you drive. The faster the speed, the more the battery will be used up and the more it will have to be recharged … causing it to lose useful life with each recharge.
  5. Long time without using the car? The battery will tend to drain if it is not used for a long time. It is best to leave the car plugged into the electrical current but programmed so that the charge level remains around 50%.