Five thousand children are at risk of not receiving the right youth care.

One third of vulnerable children with complex issues are still not getting the help they need. This is according to the Health and Youth Care Inspectorate and Justice and Security Inspectorate. It is because of structural problems in youth security. After extensive research, the IGJ concluded that youth protection in the Netherlands has improved.

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The IGJ, National Ombudsman for Children and the Ombudsman for Children concluded in April that too many families and children with complex problems were not being provided for. They promised to come together and investigate where this concern is causing problems.

The IGJ estimated that about five thousand children were not provided with the appropriate assistance in time for 2020, according to “We have reviewed 366 cases,” a spokesperson stated. This estimate is based upon the results of this study.

Since 2019, IGJ identified inconsistencies in youth protection

In October 2018, the IGJ declared that a breakthrough was required in youth protection. The Inspectorate concluded that the government was not fulfilling its obligation to provide protection for children through a youth protection program in November 2019.

There were nearly eight hundred youth protected by a youth protection measure in May 2020, but no permanent youth protector.

The inspectorates reported Monday that “the heavy work and tight labor market continue cause a high absence and turnover of youth protectors.” “In addition to this, municipal procedures like different ways of purchasing youth services and registration procedures make it difficult to provide the right help quickly.

They also noticed that children with so-called youth protection measures receive a permanent youth protector in many areas of the country. The inspection services stated that this was not the case everywhere. These children are not doing well due to neglect, abuse, or criminal offenses, says the judge.

Four regions will get stricter supervision

Inspectors believe that South West, Brabant, Noord Holland/Amsterdam and Rijnmond have not done enough to provide youth protection measures to all children in their regions. “The inspectorates are going to be conducting a six-month-long inspection in these regions and will have in-depth discussions about the issues with the localities and regions concerned.”

According to the spokesperson from IGJ, “any child that has to wait for assistance is one too many.” But she is confident that the right steps are being taken to aid children faster. “It’s true that youth protection workers do a lot to help these children.



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