Five streaming sequels that are better than the original movie

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We have chosen five titles that represent a second chapter capable of surpassing the previous one.

Although it happens quite rarely, there are sequels that have surpassed the original film on an artistic level. At least in the past, especially in commercial cinema, when a film was successful, the author of the second chapter was granted greater freedom in inserting a personal vision of the product. Here is our usual list of five film in streaming which vary fromhorror all’action, from fantasy al cinecomic. Enjoy the reading.

Five streaming sequels that are better than the first few episodes

  • House 2
  • Batman – The Return
  • Mission: Impossible 2
  • The Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers
  • John Wick 2

House 2 (1987)

The second episode of the horror / splatter saga of Sam Raimi it has more of the connotations of an update to be honest. The genius of the director, however, lies in using a slightly higher budget to improve the aesthetics of the product but above all to add a vein of slapstick comedy that transforms House 2 in something original and never seen before. The first film was an overwhelming cult-movie, this is definitely a more mature and playful horror. And then Bruce Campbell embraces the bulky and parody side of his Ash with greater adherence. A burlesque of horror, not to be missed. Available on Chili, Google Play, Apple Itunes, TIMVision.

Batman Returns (1992)

Five streaming sequels that are better than the original movie

The first Batman of Tim Burton was a hilarious cauldron thanks to the histrionic evidence of Jack Nicholson and to the music of Prince, but by the director’s own admission it wasn’t a project he felt was personal. With the second film, however, everything changes: more gothic atmospheres and sets, troubled characters, one Michelle Pfeiffer from anthology in her interpretation of Catwoman. Batman – The Return it surpasses the previous one for aesthetic coherence and an almost Shakespearean tragedy ending. Great cinecomic, great Tim Burton film. Available on Rakuten TV, Chili, Google Play, Infinity, Apple iTunes, TIMVision.

Mission: Impossible 2 (2000)

Five streaming sequels that are better than the original movie

The first film in the franchise directed by Brian De Palma he had a better script and good sequence Tom Cruise suspended that it was really original, but Mission: Impossible 2 possesses the sacred fire of the best John Woo, what is unleashed in inventing action in every shot. The sequel at the time was defined by my colleague and friend Luca Persiani “a pagan dance”, and I believe that twenty years after its release this description still fits perfectly. My favorite episode of the franchise, free from market conditioning and wild in staging. Available on Rakuten TV, Chili, Infinity, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video.

The Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers (2002)

The reasons why we preferred the second chapter of the trilogy to the other two is one and only one: the sequence of the battle of Helm’s Deep. Do we exaggerate if we write that it is the highest moment in the history of fantasy cinema? Well, it certainly is for us. The Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers represents the most desperate and darkest chapter of the three films directed by Peter Jackson, beautifully mounted to concentrate the action in different places but in a single scenario. The result is powerful, visionary cinema, full of emotion. Masterpiece. Available on Rakuten TV, Chili, Google Play, Infinity, Apple Itunes, Netflix, TIMVision, Amazon Prime Video.

John Wick 2 (2017)

To us frankly the first John Wick it seemed like a shooter with some original ideas but all in all quite normal. It was therefore a great surprise to see how much the bar was raised with John Wick 2, a contemporary symphony where the action is so stylized that it becomes almost rarefied, conceptual. The work on chromatic dominants carried out by Chad Stahelski it is impressive, and embellishes a film that represents the best that the genre / author combination can produce at the level of commercial cinema. And of course as always Keanu Reeves dominates the scene. Available on Chili, Google Play, Netflix.

Then there is a list of sequels which are films of the highest quality but which in our opinion do not represent an artistic advance over the equally grandiose originals. In this category we can certainly insert The Godfather – Part II, Aliens – Final Showdown, Terminator 2, The Bourne Supremacy, The dark Knight, Spider-Man 2 and no doubt other titles that have made many movie franchises valuable.


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