five streaming movies starring NBA stars

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We have chosen five streaming films in which basketball champions become actors. Or they try …

Con i playoff NBA get to the heart of the conference finals – and with the Los angeles lakers finally protagonists! – we decided to devote a look to the stars of American basketball who have decided to stand in front of the camera and act. The five film in streaming that we have chosen are radically different from each other, as they cover drama, action, comedy and even theanimation. The common denominator is that to star in them were undisputed stars and stripes basketball champions, who on more than one occasion have shown that they know how to get along fine even with a script in hand!

Five streaming movies starring NBA stars

  • Space Jam
  • Double Team
  • He Got Game
  • A girl disaster
  • Rough diamonds

Michael Jordan in Space Jam (1995)

We could only start with the greatest of all, His Airness Michael Jordan, who in the mid-90s during his temporary retirement from the parquet decided to shoot the film that mixes the animation of Looney Tunes with characters in flesh and blood. In Space Jam the 6-time NBA champion plays himself, called to play an interstellar game against evil aliens bent on conquering Earth. The film is light and funny, entertains young and old and guarantees the fun of cartoons with the feats of the star Jordan. Who then decided to return to play, while as an actor he chose to quit. And that’s okay with us … Available on Rakuten TV, Chili, Google Play, Infinity, Apple Itunes, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video.

Dennis Rodman in Double Team (1997)

One of the greatest defenders in the history of the sport, the most transgressive icon the NBA has ever met. Dennis Rodman could not fail to get to the cinema if not through a crazy film like Double Team, international action directed by none other than the genius of Tsui Hark. And “The Worm” gets along just fine in the role of the secret agent hypertech, even if we say that more than acting skills it is the charisma that stands out. It matters little: together with Jean-Claude Van Damme It is against Mickey Rourke, Rodman enjoys it is a marvel. And we with him. How we miss your bounces in everyone’s head, big man … Available on Rakuten TV, Chili.

Ray Allen in He Got Game (1998)

five streaming movies starring NBA stars

For his only starring film, the champion star with the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat has chosen to get serious. Spike Lee in fact he called him to play the son of Denzel Washington in a family drama that is also a painful homage to this magnificent sport. IS Ray Allen he repaid the cult director with a mature, intense performance, which absolutely does not look bad in duets with the great Denzel. He Got Game is by far the best basketball movie and one of the best movies of the 90s. What else to write? Available on Chili, Google Play, Apple Itunes, TIMVision, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video.

LeBron James in Girl Disaster (2015)

In the wild comedy that sees protagonists Amy Schumer e Bill Hader LeBron James he plays himself, a friend of the sports surgeon protagonist. An important part played with ease and a strong sense of irony, which confirms LeBron’s lucidity in choosing his projects, he who is also involved in film and television production. A girl disaster it is a very enjoyable vision and the three-time (hopefully four …) NBA champion embellishes it with what is definitely more than a cameo. So passed with flying colors, looking forward to Space Jam 2… Available on Rakuten TV, Chile, Google Play, Apple Itunes, TIMVision, Amazon Prime Video.

Kevin Garnett in Uncut Diamonds (2019)

In the livid criminal drama directed by the brothers Safdie and performed by a master Adam Sandler, Kevin “The Answer” Garnett he plays himself with the same aggressive attitude with which he dominated under the scoreboards. A sharp, energetic and “bad” performance in perfect harmony with one of the best films of last year. Absolutely recover Rough diamonds if you haven’t seen it, it will keep you in suspense. Adrenaline-pumping and desperate New York cinema, the way we like it … Available on Netflix.

If these five titles have piqued your curiosity about the NBA champions who have appeared in the cinema, then we can add that even high-sounding names of the caliber of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Shaquille O’Neal, Penny Hardaway, Rick Fox, Kevin Durant, John Salley e last but not least Kyrie Irving they arrived on the big screen in more or less full-bodied roles. Any title? The craziest plane in the world, Just win, Uncle Drew. Now it’s up to you to find out who played which movie …



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