five streaming films to celebrate the actor’s talent

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We have chosen five streaming films that confirm the courage and versatility of Elio Germano who today blows out 40 candles.

For once “let’s go home” and talk about an Italian actor. Elio Germano turns forty today and we of we want to celebrate his career with the five film in streaming which we believe highlight his eclectic and visceral talent. Over time, Germano has highlighted qualities of transformation that we rarely find among the actors of our home, managing to overcome cultural barriers and stereotypes within which Italian performers are too often relegated when it comes to roles to choose. And not only Italy has recognized his talent and his commitment: Elio Germano is among (unfortunately) not many Italian actors to have received awards in major film festivals. So here is our amused and sincere tribute to the art of Elio Germano.

Five streaming films to celebrate Elio Germano’s 40th birthday

  • Neither Napoleon and me
  • My brother is an only child
  • Our life
  • The fabulous young man
  • I wanted to hide

Napoleon and Me (2006)

Called by Paolo Virzì to play a young anarchist who wants to assassinate Napoleon exiled on the Island of Elba, Germano repays the Livorno-based filmmaker with a breezy and sparkling performance, which he absolutely does not disdain in front of the great Daniel Auteuil. Together with the two protagonists too Monica Bellucci e Valerio Mastandrea. Neither Napoleon and me it’s a comedy in costume original and inventive, which would have deserved greater success with critics and audiences. Available on Infinity, Amazon Prime Video.

My Brother is an Only Child (2007)

five streaming films to celebrate the actor's talent

The definitive confirmation of the artistic depth for Germano comes with the exciting film by Daniele Luchetti, cross-section of a confused and passionate country, that of protests, strikes and the “Years of Lead”. My brother is an only child it is one of the best Italian films of the last decade, thanks also to the furious proof of Germano, rightly awarded with his first David di Donatello. Available on, Chili, Google Play, Infinity, Apple Itunes, TIMVision, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video.

Our Life (2010)

Again Luchetti gives Germano a complex role, far from rhetoric, that of a man who becomes a widower too soon and has to do everything to raise his children. Our life it has moments of great emotional intensity, and the actor embraces his character with body and soul. The consecration in Cannes arrives with the Palme d’Or for male interpretation – ex’aequo con Javier Bardem. Available on Rakuten TV, Chili, Google Play, Infinity, Apple Itunes, TIMVision, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Rai Play, NOW TV.

The Fabulous Young Man (2014)

Only Elio Germano in Italy possessed the physique and the sensitivity necessary to give cinematic life to Giacomo Leopardi. In biopic directed by Mario Martone the actor offers the best of his repertoire, building scene after scene a poetic and multifaceted figure, capable of thrilling even with a silence. The fabulous young man allows Germano to start exploring real characters and gives him the third David di Donatello. Available on Rakuten TV, Chili, Google Play, Apple Itunes, TIMVision, Amazon Prime Video, Rai Play.

I wanted to hide (2020)

Another biopic but completely opposite proof for Germano: in the feverish role of the great painter Antonio Ligabue the interpreter offers an impressive physical and mimic proof, capable of restoring all the dramatic power of his character’s works. I wanted to hide of Giorgio Rights centers the goal of telling the artist’s pain and the need for expression. Silver Bear for Best Actor, new great international recognition for Elio Germano. Available on Chili.

If Elio Germano has become one of the leading actors of our cinematography it is also for the courage shown in choosing non-obvious films, roles that put him to the test and do not make him rest on already consolidated artistic virtues. Which actor movie do you prefer? We are particularly fond of My brother is an only child.



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