five streaming films in which the actor plays real characters

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We have selected five streaming biopics in which Tom Hanks impersonates real life figures.

How many times Tom Hanks in your far-sighted career, did you play a real character? We counted nine films, but there could be more. Especially in recent years the Oscar-winning actor for Philadelphia e Forrest Gump seems to have specialized in biopics that tell our past and present in a non-univocal or rhetorical way. Films that vary from drama al thriller, from comedy to the work of civil commitment. So here are five film in streaming which confirm how effective Tom Hanks is in bringing real characters to the big screen

Five streaming biopics starring Tom Hanks

  • Charlie Wilson’s War
  • Captain Phillips
  • Sully
  • The Post
  • An extraordinary friend

Charlie Wilson’s War (2007)

The true story of the American congressman who financed the Afghan rebels in the conflict against the then Soviet Union is a sparkling and inspiring comedy, directed with style from the never forgotten Mike Nichols. Hanks hilarious duets with Julia Roberts e Philip Seymour Hoffman, giving us at least two or three scenes to really remember. Ah, yes, the script is certain Aaron SorkinCharlie Wilson’s War it’s a high-end political comedy, and Hanks has a lot of fun playing the lead. And we with him, indeed with all of them. Available on Rakuten TV, Chili, Google Play, Apple Itunes, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video.

Captain Phillips (2013)

In bringing to the big screen the true story of the hijacking of Maersk Alabama by Somali pirates in 2009, Paul Greengrass he makes the most of his style of directing and editing tense and at the same time tending to the truth. Tom Hanks indulges him with a truly powerful acting performance, measured in the most dramatic yet exciting moments in his humanity. Captain Phillips was nominated for an Oscar for best film, its protagonist was instead sensationally ignored. One of the many oversights regarding Tom Hanks, who has six Oscar nominations but deserved many more … Available on Rakuten TV, Chili, Google Play, Apple Itunes, Netflix, TIMVision, Amazon Prime Video, NOW TV.

Sully (2016)

Clint Eastwood stages the “Miracle on the Hudson” made by the pilot in 2009 which landed the plane in failure without any casualties. A dry film that mainly recounts the investigation following the accident, when Sullenberger had to answer for his actions. Hanks impersonates the pilot with a dry and precise test, perfect for Eastwood’s direction. Sully it is a concise yet very complex film, it tells with a subtle sense of defeat the hiatus that is perceived in America between the individual and the system. Hanks at his best in a biopic that goes straight to the point without delaying a second. Available on Rakuten TV, Chili, Google Play, Infinity, Apple iTunes, TIMVision, Amazon Prime Video.

The Post (2017)

New collaboration with Steven Spielberg, with which Hanks shot some milestones like Save Private Ryan e The bridge of spies. This time the actor touches Ben Bradlee, editor-in-chief of the Washington Post dealing with the famous Pentagon Papers. Tom Hanks impersonates the journalist with charisma and remarkable adhesion, duet on his part with the other sacred monster Meryl Streep. The Post it is a great investigative cinema, like the ones that were once made and which should always continue to be done. Available on Rakuten TV, Chile, Google Play, Infinity, Apple iTunes, TIMVision, Amazon Prime Video.

An Extraordinary Friend (2019)

The story of the friendship between journalist Tom Junod (who became Lloyd Vogel in the film) and children’s TV guru Fred Rogers is staged by Marielle Heller with a delicacy and psychological depth very rare in today’s cinema. Hanks gives the iconic figure of Mr. Rogers a human depth that only he could bring to the character, in one of his best career performances. An extraordinary friend also benefits from the good proof of Matthew Rhys, excellent co-star. Cinema of feelings made with candor and maximum adherence to the truth of the characters. The best tribute to the greatness of Fred Rogers. Available on Rakuten TV, Chili, Google Play, Infinity, TIMVision.

Just for the record, the other movies we found where Tom Hanks plays a character who really existed are Winning girls of Penny Marshall, the cult Apollo 13 of Ron Howard, Try to catch me again by Spielberg and above all Saving Mr. Banks, where he personifies nothing less than Walt disney. If we have forgotten one or more titles, do not hesitate to write to us!



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