five films in streaming to remember the great actor

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Marcello Mastroianni was born on 28 September 1924, and we celebrate him with five films in streaming

On September 28, 1924, not far from Rome, the unforgettable was born Marcello Mastroianni. The greatest actor in the history of Italian cinema? Probably. Certainly the one who has contributed most to spreading our cinema abroad, working on an incredible series of masterpieces that have triumphed all over the world. The lasting and artistically prodigious collaboration with Federico Fellini led him to make films such as The sweet life The 8 ½, probably the most famous titles of our entire cinema outside the borders of Italy today. Capable of obtaining three Oscar nominations – a record that will probably last a very long time in Italy – Marcello Mastroianni was directed by great names of the Seventh Art, not just our own. Here are five of you film in streaming – they are not the most obvious – which fully testify the pure talent and the ability of the actor to pass from drama to comedy without losing an iota of his incredible talent. Enjoy the reading.

Five masterpieces by Marcello Mastroianni in streaming

  • The usual unknown
  • Italian divorce
  • Drama of jealousy
  • A particular day
  • Oci Ciornie

The usual unknown (1958)

The masterpiece of Mario Monicelli somehow started the season of the Italian Comedy, a choral film in which Mastroianni duets with an incredibly close-knit group of actors, including the other knight of our cinema Vittorio Gassman. The usual unknown is a jewel of a screenplay that tells about Italy and its smallnesses as well as the ability to be loved despite everything. Too many cult scenes to remember, including an ending still capable of moving today. A film that never gets old, testimony to the greatness of all those who made it. Available on Rai Play.

Italian divorce (1961)

five films in streaming to remember the great actor

Pietro Germi was the Italian author who in the 1960s used the key to the grotesque with the greatest boldness. Italian divorce demonstrates his and Mastroianni’s great ability to play with clichés referring to our country and make them true, disturbing. Marcello’s proof of actor is a masterpiece of ductility, capable of transforming the “speck” into a well-rounded character, human and monstrous at the same time. Oscar for best original screenplay and first nomination for Mastroianni. A film still difficult to forget today, a glimpse of our society that is vivid and terrifying. Essential. Available on Rai Play.

Jealousy Drama (1970)

five films in streaming to remember the great actor

The ingenious approach of Ettore Scola to popular melodrama he gives us the most famous triangle in the history of Italian cinema. Mastroianni plays the role of a popular character in a sublime way, light years away from the almost aristocratic elegance of the films of Fellini or Antonioni. To support him two other superfine talented actors like Monica Vitti e Giancarlo Giannini. Drama of jealousy it is a painful film disguised as a comedy, almost as a parody. Palme d’Or in Cannes for the interpretation of Mastroianni. Available on Apple Itunes, Amazon Prime Video.

A special day (1977)

five films in streaming to remember the great actor

Second Oscar nomination for Mastroianni thanks to perhaps the most measured and convincing performance of his career. Let’s face it, the statuette would have deserved it. A particular day reunites reunites it once again with Sophia Loren but in completely different roles, far from the stereotype. A frustrated housewife and a homosexual professor meet on a day that is not like many, which will mark the existence of two ordinary people who do not know how to rebel against the oppression of the society in which they live. Ettore Scola at his best for an unforgettable film, the pinnacle of the ability to study the human soul and bear witness to small but lacerating wounds. Perhaps the best Italian film of the 70s. Available on Chili, NOW TV.

Oci Ciornie (1987)

five films in streaming to remember the great actor

Inspired by some of Chekhov’s short stories, the film by Nikita Mikhalkov he offers Mastroianni a multi-faceted character, vain and superficial yet capable of crystalline feelings. A parable on the transience of affections and the volatility of life. Oci Ciornie once again gives us a Mastroianni at the height of his acting art, awarded for the second time in Cannes and capable of obtaining his third Oscar nomination. Thick and thin film, a hymn to life in any form it presents itself. Available on Chili, Amazon Prime Video.

There would be dozens of other titles played by Marcello Mastroianni that could have entered our five. Unfortunately, not all of them are available in streaming. Such as The big binge, unforgettable parable of Marco Ferreri on the unraveling of our social and moral fabric. A film not to be forgotten.



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