Early acquisition of coordination and balance, boosting intellectual development, increased resistance, awareness of the environment, fighting diseases such as obesity or diabetes … the benefits that riding a bike provides to children are innumerable and well known.

A practice that, in addition, is gaining more and more popularity in family activities, as it allows combining physical exercise (from an ‘amateur’ level to other more experienced ones) with the possibility of contemplating unique natural landscapes.

Under these lines you can know five of the country’s most recommended routes to enjoy with the family.

  1. Plazaola Greenway: It begins at the Lekunberri station (Navarra) and ends in Andoain (Guipúzcoa). In it they cross enclaves such as the Mugiro dam or the valleys of Imotz, Larraun and Leitzaran. The route is suitable for all types of audiences, with a multitude of short sections and without large slopes. In addition, it has ‘El Vagón de los Juegos’, an old wagon readapted as a recreational space that will help the little ones to learn about the history of the Plazaola Train.
  2. Guadarrama Greenway: It stretches for about 14 kilometers and can only take about an hour and a half. Is about one of the most outstanding routes in the Community of Madrid, which begins in the El Soto Natural Park, in Móstoles. On the way it runs through spectacular Mediterranean forests, beautiful holm oak meadows and dirt roads between vineyards and riverbanks until it ends in the Plaza de Segovia de Navalcarnero.
  3. La Alfranca: the natural path of La Alfranca, in the province of Zaragoza, has a completely flat route that leads to the splendid galachos that bear the same name and that constitute a protected nature reserve and one of the best-preserved riparian ecosystems in Aragon. The route, lasting about three hours, is correctly signposted and in very good condition.
  4. Canal de Castilla: This easy and safe itinerary takes place in the most important hydraulic infrastructure work in Spain in the 18th and 19th centuries. It has a total of 207 kilometers of route along its three branches (north, south and Campos, which start in Alar de Rey, Serrón and Calahorra de Ribas, province of Palencia, respectively), which have several highly attractive roads thanks to their numerous locks.
  5. Huertos de Pals: The province of Gerona also has original routes for family tourism on two wheels. An example of this is the one that passes through the orchards of Pals, which allows to know the cultural heritage of the area while contemplating the landscape that make up its different orchards, fields, vineyards and reed beds. The route is only 2.3 kilometers long and part of the Passeig d’Europa, in front of the sports hall of the municipality.

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