Fishermen save a turtle trapped in plastic in Menorca

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Some fishermen who worked in the south coast of Menorca have saved a young turtle marina who had a bag hooked on her head, returning it to the sea minutes later. The events occurred this Saturday, when the boat ‘Playa Canutells’ was about to collect the fishing nets, located off the coast of Santo Tomás (Es Migjorn), at a depth of 90 meters.

With scissors and in less than two minutes they have managed to untangle the plastic and return the baby turtle to the sea, in an operation recorded in a video recorded by one of the ship’s sailors and broadcast by Efe.

The skipper of the boat, Martín Mata Gonyalons, accompanied by the sailor, Miguel Fernández Ureña, have detailed the find. “We proceeded to remove the fishing net signaling buoy and saw a young turtle with a plastic sack around its neck. The bag was hooked to the buoy and for this reason we saw it, otherwise it would have submerged and died in the depths, “explained Mata.

They recognize that it is the first time that they have found a turtle trapped between plastics and they hope “for the good of the ecosystem” not to repeat the operation.

132 eggs on the beach

The loggerhead sea turtle (‘caretta caretta’) is a protected species that inhabits the seas of the islands and last June 19 an adult specimen deposited 132 eggs on a beach in Menorca. Of them, 92 moved to another beach on the island, buried themselves in the sand and 40 have been hatching in recent days until this Saturday the nest was removed, which was guarded day and night by volunteers. The rest were kept in incubators and 11 pups were born from them.



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