Google reported a peak in search just an hour after the debate began, and a second wave of searches erupted during the night, culminating in the early hours of the morning.

Americans have been interested in how to obtain Canadian citizenship and how to move to Canada, some of them miswriting Canada.

The most massive searches were conducted in the state of Massachusetts, followed by Washington and Michigan.

The first election debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden took place in Cleveland, Ohio, lasted an hour and a half and took place with minimal intervention by the moderator, journalist Chris Wallace from Fox News. The two were interrupted all the time, with Trump questioning Biden’s intelligence again, while the latter made him a clown.

In recent years, there has been a trend among Americans to consider the idea of ​​emigrating to Canada, although it is more of a fad than a reality that the figures indicate a relative stability in the rates of American immigrants. The “Let’s all move to Canada” movement in the context of a presidential election culminated in 2004, when George W Bush was elected, according to Google statistics. Another peak was reached after Donald Trump’s victory in November 2016.