We are practically a month and a few days away from the PS5 hitting the market in various parts of the world (including Mexico), but unlike Xbox, the Japanese firm is still very reserved when it comes to showing more details of the console in operation, as well as explaining other important elements that users are impatient such as free storage capacity, or the type of SSD that can be used to expand the storage.

However, Sony has already sent some units to Japanese media and youtubers so that they can give their first impressions about it, although it seems that Sony has made it clear that no one who currently owns a PS5 can talk about certain details such as storage or the user interface, so at the moment we have only been able to see the performance of some games on the console.

Perhaps this is not what many expected because we have already seen many gameplays of the next games, which have been run on a PS5, however, the fact that there are already users being able to test the console has allowed us to know more secrets about the PS5, and one of them is great news for all PlayStation fans.

Its huge design benefits ventilation and noise

One of the Japanese analysts mentioned that after playing one of the launch titles such as Godfall for a long time, he managed to feel that a gentle breeze was coming from the ventilation grill, and that the temperature of the console was good, so There was not much noise in the ventilation as with the PS4, which when running AAA games usually makes a lot of noise.

This is very good news because it was one of the big complaints about the PS4, and in recent weeks it has been said that the huge design of this console was probably related to the need for better ventilation.

Credit: 4Gamer

On the other hand, they also warn that being larger than expected it is ideal for users to find a good place for the PS5, as there will be many spaces where you could place your PS4 but that you will not be able to do it with the PS5.

A mysterious element

Another thing that we can highlight is that the Japanese media have found a mysterious element on the back of the console. It is a silver piece with a circular shape whose operation has not yet been discovered, although some theories suggest that it could be related to the storage expansion of the console.

Credit: 4Gamer

As far as we know, the PS5 will be able to expand its storage with an external SSD, but Sony has not revealed if it will be any SSD, or if there will be an SSD of its own for the console like the expansion card of the Xbox Series X / S, although in the In the case of Xbox, it has been mentioned that other SSD and HDD units can be connected through USB 3.0.

Sony is likely to reveal more details these days, as users will have to know all aspects of the new console before it goes on sale early next month.