A few days ago we told you about an individual who violently destroyed an Xbox Series X and documented the entire process in a video which he posted on his Plainrock124 channel.

Now the youtuber has done the same with a PlayStation 5 so that you satisfy your desire to see how much damage can it take the new Sony console before being completely useless.

In the first part of the video we see him slamming the DualSense -the new PlayStation control and with whose technology it is impossible not to be fascinated.

Unlike what happened to the Xbox Series X controller -which broke the first hit on the floor-, DualSense required being thrown hard three times to show obvious damage, though still it kept working.

With the fourth lash the L1 button was detached and with the fifth R1, but the control it kept working and connected to the console. With the sixth the battery was exposed and the right stick stopped working and several pieces flew off.

It was until the seventh that the control it was completely useless.

As for the console, he started throwing the same minibar that threw Xbox Series X.

With the first time the panels flew off. But after multiple occasions, the console never stopped working.

It was until the zapapico which he also used with the Xbox Series X that the PlayStation 5 died of.

He then proceeded to grab the console from hits and throw it to the ground. Then he hit her with a small and in the end it turned him on fire.

As with the Xbox Series X video, if you think you have the stomach to see how Sony’s new console is subjected to the worst torments, press play. video from here below: