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In October, Chrissy Teigen announced that she had lost her unborn son Jack. She now talks to husband John Legend about her loss.

The picture that Chrissy Teigen, 34, posted on Instagram on October 1st is heartbreaking. The wife of John Legend sits on a hospital bed with tears on her cheeks and slumped. If you click on the post, you will see the model lying in bed in another photo. She holds her son Jack in her arms, wrapped in a scarf. Next to it sits Papa John, 41, who gives his wife a loving kiss on the upper arm. In the accompanying text, Teigen announces the news that her son has died. Much has been said in social networks about the very private contribution. Some celebrated him, some criticized him. Chrissy Teigen’s position on this is clear.

Chrissy Teigen defends herself against criticism

“I don’t care if you were offended or disgusted,” says Chrissy Teigen of negative comments on the TV show “Good Morning America”. She understands that the openness goes too far for some and that John Legend also felt uncomfortable taking the photos. But she dropped the post for those who were also injured. “I am definitely giving myself permission to feel complete and utter grief,” explains Teigen.

John Legend defends his wife

John Legend, too, has come to appreciate the importance and value of the photos. “The crazy thing about a miscarriage is that you have nothing to keep. You feel this emptiness, and we wanted to take the photos so we could remember something.” “Thousands of letters” of support show how much the couple touches people’s hearts with their post, as Teigen reports in an interview.

“I didn’t know we could experience and share this grief,” says John Legend. “But when we did that, it really meant so much to so many people. And it was such a powerful experience for me (…) and I’m just grateful that my wife was brave enough to do it.” The loss of the baby made the couple “stronger than ever,” he added. He now loves his wife more than ever.

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