First interview about Baby Charles after birth

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Prince Charles was born on May 10, 2020, the first son of the hereditary grand ducal couple from Luxembourg and thus the second in line to the throne. Now the new parents are talking for the first time about the birth and the new life as a family.

In their residence, Schloss Fischbach, Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume, 38, and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie, 36, received a team from the TV station RTL. Baby Prince Charles is also present, sitting happily and in a good mood on his mother’s lap. Sweet: Other shots show the little boy on a blanket playing with Stéphanie.

Guillaume and Stéphanie von Luxemburg talk about Baby Charles

The couple married eight years ago, in October 2012. Luxembourg had been waiting for a child for a long time. Then on December 6th, 2019 the wonderful news: The couple is having a baby! Guillaume explains in an RTL interview that he and Stéphanie needed time to organize their lives before they started a family. The period of pregnancy then turns out differently than planned: The coronavirus breaks out and forces people into their homes. Stéphanie says that she used the time in isolation to prepare for the birth of Baby Charles with her husband. Guillaume added that they had tried to make the best of the situation, BS Stéphanie + Guillaume from Luxembourg

Baby Charles turns his parents’ lives upside down

On May 10th, the time has come: The prince sees the light of day. “The birth was associated with a lot of emotions, maybe also with a little stress. But when the baby is there, everything is forgotten,” remembers Stéphanie. “It’s the best moment a parent can imagine,” enthuses Guillaume. The first few months as new parents were not easy, especially at night. Her life has changed a lot and, as Stéphanie says with a laugh, it is never boring with Charles. All in all, Charles is a sweet and easy-going baby. “He’s very funny and uncomplicated (…) He laughs a lot,” reports Stéphanie. He got his laugh from his mom, Guillaume notes affectionately.

Guillaume would like to take his own upbringing as a role model and also teach Baby Charles everything important about his future country. He is very happy that he can make the most of his time with his son before he has to take up his role as Grand Duke, says the proud papa. Would the couple wish for more children? Even though they would like to enlarge their family, they would just devote themselves entirely to little Charles, is the answer from Stéphanie and Guillaume.

The meaning of the name of baby Charles

Prince Charles Jean Philippe Joseph Marie Guillaume is the full and sonorous name of the next but one Grand Duke of Luxembourg. “Where does the name come from?” Asks the journalist. Guillaume explains that his son was named after his great-great-uncle Prince Charles and after his great-great-grandmother Grand Duchess Charlotte. With the name Jean and Philippe they honor Guillaume’s late grandfather, Grand Duke Jean, Stéphanie’s late father Count Philippe de Lannoy and her great-grandfather Joseph. Marie and Guillaume are family names and have a long tradition.

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