First images of the opening to traffic between Western Sahara and Mauritania after the Saharawi blockade

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The border between Morocco and Mauritania has reopened this Saturday after more than three weeks of blockade by protesters from the Polisario Front, a supporter of the independence of the Western Sahara region.

In the images you have obtained exclusively It can be seen how several trucks of goods cross the Guerguerat border, a strip of 5 kilometers in the extreme south of Western Sahara that separates the Moroccan customs from the Mauritanian border.

The blockade was dissolved this Friday by the Moroccan Army, allowing dozens of trucks to resume their course after On October 21, a group of protesters blocked the road in this area and prevented the passage of all types of passenger and merchandise traffic.

According to the Efe agency, in the late afternoon of this Saturday, on the northern side of the border, next to the Moroccan customs, there were only five trucks left because most of them had withdrawn to the Birguendouz area, about 50 kilometers away. of Guerguerat.

The Moroccan Army established “a security cordon” to guarantee the passage of travelers and merchandise after his intervention this Friday.

In a statement issued last night, the Royal Armed Forces (FAR) claimed to have completely cordoned off the Guerguerat area and added that the Polisario opened fire on the Moroccan military, to which the latter responded “without regretting human damage.”

The Polisario Front announced today that it had broken the ceasefire agreement in force since 1991 and declared a state of war, to which Rabat has so far not reacted.

The European Union (EU) this Saturday joined the requests of the United Nations Organization regarding the situation at the Guerguerat border crossing and asked that an escalation of violence be avoided and the ceasefire in force since 1991 be respected. .



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