Jews Hurtig, 29, is one of the four brides to be watched at the First Dating Altar this season. She married at the beginning of the season Tommin without meeting this once in advance.

Evening newspaper has also reported that Judith’s father is a well-known believer. As a conservative Lestadian, he has demanded, among other things, that cases of child abuse within the movement should be thoroughly investigated. He has also publicly defended gays.

In addition, Hurtig has been awarded for his volunteer work for asylum seekers. The SPR has awarded him the Human Outstretched Recognition.

The Jews have not opened their lestadian background in its strangely First Dating at the Altar program, but it has turned out, for example, that he is from a family of 12 children.

There was no television at home, but nonetheless, the Jews are now involved in the reality show.

– The program was familiar to some family members, foreign to some. But my family was open and curious about it. They have sympathized with this time with me, the Jews say In an interview with Me Naiset magazine.

The Jews have left Lestadianism. The exit took place at the age of 21–23 years.

– Lestadianism defined in my life what is right and what is wrong. Unlike Pentecost, for example, Lestadianism does not make a clear personal decision of faith as an adult, but is kind of born of it. It’s a way of life. It is no longer an authority for me, the Jews say.

He was grated in the movement, especially by the unequal position of a woman compared to a man. The Jews, for example, feel that in movement a woman does not have the right to self-determination of the body because contraception is in principle forbidden.

She has already expressed in the program that she may not want her own children at all.

Jews view Lestadianism today as part of their own growth environment and home culture. He has not been severely criticized for his secession, but has been supported.