First corona patients transferred to Germany on Friday

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The first corona patients will be transferred to Germany on Friday, reports the National Coordination Center for Patient Distribution (LCPS). It is the first time since the first wave of infection that Dutch corona patients have crossed the border again.

Relocation should reduce pressure on hospitals

The helicopter with the first patient has to take off at the Flevo hospital in Almere around 9.30 am. The patient goes to a hospital in Münster. The helicopter then returns to take a second patient from Almere to Münster.

It is conscious that the first patients are going to Germany from Almere. Hospitals in the Northwest region, which includes Almere, have great difficulty keeping up with the influx of patients. “It is very crowded there, the water is on their lips,” said the LCPS.

On Saturday, two patients will probably be transferred from the Southwest care region (Rotterdam, Dordrecht and Zeeland) to Germany, and on Sunday two patients from the Central region (Utrecht and environs).

Ernst Kuipers, chairman of the National Network Acute Care (LNAZ), said he expected the first relocations on Friday. By moving patients to Germany, the pressure on Dutch hospitals should be reduced.

Currently, more than 10 percent of Dutch hospital beds are occupied by corona patients. In intensive care (ic), this even concerns almost half of the available beds. More than two thousand corona patients are now treated in the hospital.



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