First: Bugatti Bolide

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There’s an amazing number war going on on all fronts, but the Cold War that started over supersport cars carries everything. Before the dizzying acceleration of electric cars finally takes over, the engineers first create insane machines around the internal combustion engine like the Bugatti Bolide.

Now they weren’t set to do the better-moving Bugatti on the racetrack as they used to. Not that the Chiron was filed a little more intensely than the Pur Sport or the Divo. Instead, a sci-fibe-fitting race car was designed around the 16-cylinder, four-turbocharged engine that looks like it wants to start decades later in Le Mans.

They knew exactly what they wanted: to make the best-driveable, lightest, and fastest car in Bugatti history. For that, pretty much nothing was kept from Chiron. Both the Boldie’s body and vase are carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (i.e. carbon), with each additional element made of 3D-printed titanium used in aircraft.

Some of these 3D printed hollow elements have a wall thickness of 0.5 mm while having a tensile strength of 1250 Nm per square millimeter. It also has deformable elements on it, such as in the air inlet on the roof, which reduces its air resistance by 10% at high speeds. It produces 800 kg at the front and 1800 kg at the rear and 1800 kg at the rear.

The Bugatti Bolide is 995 millimeters high, just as much as the late 1920s Type 35. That means it’s 30 inches lower than the Chiron. It has a wheelbase of 2.75 meters and a width of 1.99 meters.

It has an air lift just like in racing cars to make changing wheels easier and faster. The boarding ritual also takes place just like in the case of an LMP1 aircraft, so the doors open upwards and you have to sit in the thick threshold to enter the passenger compartment, where up to a height of about 2 meters everyone can find the right position in the fixed seat. This position is otherwise a near-horizontal position, as in Formula One.

Bolide is the roughest Bugatti of all time 3

The Bolide is full of astounding numbers, from the 7.4kg forged and 8.4kg forged magnesium wheels at the front to the point where a single horsepower only needs to move 0.67kg. But the real point is the engine.

Four new turbochargers have blown the 8.0-liter W16 unit, which produces 1,850 horsepower at 7,000 rpm and 1,850 Nm of torque since 2000. With this simulation, he would be able to run a 3: 07.1 minute lap in Le Mans and complete the Nordschleife in 5: 23.1. So fast. Very.

Bolide is the roughest Bugatti of all time 4

It accelerates in 2.17 seconds from a standing position to 100 and to 200 in 4.36. But it’s not over yet, because he runs the 0-300 sprint in 7.37, 400 needs 12.08 seconds. The accelerator pedal must be fully depressed for 20.16 seconds to accelerate the Bugatti Bolide to 500 km / h. I’m shocked.

All of this is just a concept for now, they don’t know if it will go into production. I can only hope it’s real because it would be rude to a joke.

Bolide is the roughest Bugatti of all time 5

If you also watch a video of what Bugatti Bolide is like, go on!



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