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Donald Trump made his first appearance after the election defeat and attended a Veterans Day ceremony. The US president looked anything but relaxed.

Now he had to get out again … Donald Trump, 74, made his first official appearance after the election defeat – and that at the same time as the man who took away his position as President of the United States: Joe Biden, 77 .

Donald Trump is doing his duty

For the first time since the lost election, Donald Trump was photographed the day after the decision in Washington when he returned to the White House from his favorite hobby – golf – in casual clothes and a baseball cap. With a petrified expression and a short wave for the photographers, the still incumbent US president wanted to expose himself to the public eye as briefly as possible and quickly scurried onto the grounds. Then Donald Trump withdrew in his anger over the past few days – until today.

Blind face on Veterans Day

He would have loved to just skip this appointment. But skipping Veterans Day – the annual memorial day that is supposed to commemorate the US war veterans from all wars – would only have cost Donald Trump more sympathy points than already.

Melania Trump

And so, with a pinched face, Trump attended a ceremony at the National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia, observed a minute’s silence and laid a wreath – in the pouring rain. Trump’s first appearance after the election defeat couldn’t have been more depressing for him. Meanwhile the future US President Joe Biden visited the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Philadelphia.

Donald Trump was accompanied on this not exactly easy walk by his wife Melania Trump, 50, and his daughter Ivanka Trump, 39. But the two women also looked bent. On the one hand, this was due to the occasion of the appointment, on the other hand, it was certainly also due to the past few days.

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