First appearance after the defeat: These 5 details stand out

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Melania Trump and Donald Trump will appear on Wednesday (November 11) for the first time after the President’s defeat by Joe Biden in the US election campaign at an appointment. Ivanka Trump is there as a spectator.

The Trump family visits Arlington National Cemetery near Washington on Veterans Day. There the US President, First Lady and other participants commemorate the end of the First World War and pay their respects to former soldiers. A wreath is set up at the grave of the unknown soldier, before which Trump salutes. Five details stand out.

Bad luck for Donald Trump: rain, rain and more rain

It is as if even Petrus conspired against Donald Trump that morning: It is raining cats and dogs.

Donald and Melania Trump are late

The ceremony is scheduled to start at 11 a.m., and for good reason: At that moment, on November 11, 1918, the First World War was declared over. When it strikes 11 a.m. in the cemetery on Wednesday, there is no trace of the Trumps. All participants who came on time have to wait in the rain. The President and his entourage do not appear in front of the grave until 11.25 a.m. The reason for the delay is not known.

Donald Trump and the weather have something in common: a bad mood.

Melania accompanied by another man

The first lady is escorted to the memorial site by a soldier. He holds an umbrella protectively over the 50-year-old. Donald Trump walks alone and without rain protection. This is probably due to the protocol of the process: Trump immediately stands in front of the wreath with Mike Pence, 61, Melania is waiting in the background with other people present.

Melania Trump watches the action at the side of a soldier from one of the back rows.
Melania Trump watches the action at the side of a soldier from one of the back rows.

The President and First Lady do not wear masks

Donald Trump, Melania Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and other officials do not wear masks to ward off the coronavirus despite the requirements of Arlington National Cemetery. Actually, all visitors to the cemetery must adhere to social distancing measures and wear face coverings. If not, access to the site is actually prohibited. An exception will be made today for the President and his entourage. After all: Ivanka Trump, 39, is setting a good example and is coming With Mask.

Ivanka Trump wears mask.
Ivanka Trump wears mask.

Trump doesn’t say a single word

Like the weather, so the face of the President: The signs point to a storm. With his lips pressed together and the corners of his mouth pulled down, Donald Trump completed his mandatory appointment. Seven minutes after his arrival, he disappeared again. Earlier Veterans Day ceremonies were occasionally short. But this time the president doesn’t even give a speech in honor of the members of the US armed forces. Whether it’s the rain, the tight schedule or Trump’s Joe Biden frustration – you don’t know.

Sources, CNN, ABC


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