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Fire profile cursed after new loss: – A cruel experience


MJØNDALEN (VG) Brann is six points away from a direct relegation place, after only one victory in the last eight matches. After the 2-0 loss to Mjøndalen, Kristoffer Barmen (27) has had enough.

– It was f **** bad. It is a cruel experience to lose here. We’ve been in an asshole lately. We do not win football matches. Today we were finally going to turn it around after a slightly tough match program, but we continue to lose. It’s completely damn, says Barmen to VG.

– You have one victory in the last eight matches after Kåre Ingebrigtsen took over. How do you look at the last nine?

– The most fun I know is to win football matches. It’s been a hell of a lot of fun lately. We have to get up and forward if it is to be a lively autumn. Otherwise, just go to sleep. Because we can not do this, says the Brann player in this interview:

Scores by Mjøndalen players Martin Rønning Ovenstad (26) and Isaac Twum (22) were enough to inflict an injury shot Brann team


Now it only separates six points down to just Mjøndalen which is second last in the Eliteserien.

– Do you fear that it could be the Obos league next year?

– To be completely honest, I have not looked at the table in several months. We have been a Mediterranean danger all year. Now we may have ended up in the swamp, so it’s time to update and take in what’s happening now. We have nothing to do at the bottom. We have to show our best side going forward, says Barmen, who made his debut for the A-team all the way back in 2011.

– Why does it not work?

– There are many reasons for that. We are mainly “okay” in the court and basic game, but we lack the last bit in front of both our own goal and the opponent’s goal. We must all take responsibility for that. We do not create enough chances and we let in easy goals.

– What annoys you most about the way you appear?

– It’s so much that I do not know where to start. But there are things that are good too. It is easy to black paint everything after a loss. There will be some emotions here afterwards. It is difficult to say, says Barmen.


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