Member of the Basic Finns Vilhelm Junnila has gained international attention after nominating three heads of state to the Norwegian Nobel Committee for the Peace Prize.

Of the names proposed by Junnila Donald Trump is now a permanent candidate for the Nobel laureate, but the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu and the authoritarian king of Bahrain Hamad ibn Isa Al Khalifa have been slightly less frequent as peace promoters.

Even in his home country, Netanyahu has been caught in the teeth of justice as dark clouds hang over him in the form of allegations of corruption and fraud. Internationally, the Prime Minister has been considered to be mainly the biggest obstacle to peace in the Middle East.

His persistent will to build illegal settlements in Palestinian lands and to threaten their annexation to Israel has not significantly contributed to reconciliation in the region.

– Ballast can be found in all international actors. I do not want to take a stand on individual issues, but I emphasize the importance of the peace agreement. This is a historic event, Junnila explains to Iltalehti.

The MP speaks of an agreement midwifery by the United States in which Bahrain recognizes the state of Israel and establishes a delegation in Jerusalem. This is one of countless attempts to bring peace to the Middle East.

– It is significant that representatives of Sudan and Oman were also present at this signing ceremony. In that sense, it opens a significant gateway to development in the Middle East, Junnila says.

The Bahrain massacre

King Hamad has reaped questionable honor by directing the country’s police force to shoot its own citizens. Bahrain’s uprising ended in February 2011 with the so-called “Bloody Thursday,” where authorities violently overthrew a peaceful demonstration in the capital, Manama.

– There has always been a tight twist on these domestic policy issues. Usually, whenever there is a war or there is a conflict within the country, there is a situation that in order to achieve peace, one has to agree, Junnila says.

– After all, all of these have a burden behind them. That is a fact.

Junnila is right that the Nobel Committee has not always looked for Sunday school boys as recipients of the award. Once nominated Adolf Hitler and Josif Stalin were left without a prize, but, for example, the architect of the Vietnam War and several Latin American military coups Henry Kissinger kicked his own Nobel in 1973.

– The Nobel Committee strives to be as neutral as possible and to ignore domestic policy, the MP knows.

Behind the casualty count of the Bahraini uprising is also the fact that during the Hamad era, the state has once again resorted to torture and other human rights violations in an attempt to control the injustice experienced by its Shiite-majority people.

Perhaps that is why Hamad’s Nobel odds are still quite high on the lists of bookmakers. However, Junnila himself denies that his performance is a mere publicity stunt.

– I haven’t thought about that from that angle. I first term as an MP, I have not gone to any julkisuuspyrkimyksellä, he assures.

A chance to win

Junnila believes his triple nomination could even win a peace prize in the fall of 2021.

– The Nobel Committee finds itself in a difficult situation if it justifies someone else more important than these agreements.

Junnila was also allowed to present his arguments in support of Netanyahu in the columns of the US mainstream media. Weekly Newsweek interviewed Junnila last week, which is a significant achievement for Finnish politicians.

– Of course, it is nice that such a respected magazine is interested in my international policy. I have not made this public anywhere, nor have I wanted publicity. This is where things have gone before, Junnila assures.

However, he spoke about his performance On Twitter on Tuesday last week.

– I don’t see a trick anywhere here. Many Finns have a negative perception of President Trump and Netanyahu. From a publicity standpoint, it wouldn’t even make sense to put a wooden sign on such.