• Turku Sanomat’s Heikki Kulta has proved 42 Finnish victories on the spot.
  • He has reported a total of 371 F1 races on the spot.
  • Gold says it says the finest F1 races.

– I’ve seen 42 Finnish non-profit on-site. I passed From Erkista Mustakari, who has 41, Gold tells of his SE merit.

– I’m even proud of.

Valtteri Bottas with Sunday number one Our countryThe song has been played in the F1 series in honor of a total of 56 Finnish victories.

Rosberg lit

Heikki Kulla’s career as a formula editor, which started in Turku Sanomat in the 1970s, began at the same time as Keke Rosberg career as an F1 driver.

– That started in -78 with an incredible result, when he won at Silverstone, Gold recalls.

The BRDC International Trophy won by Rosberg was not part of the World Series, but the race featured some of the best F1 drivers.

– When he then drove the World Championships, there were only STT titles that Keke interrupted. I edited those things a bit to have more. That way, Formula One came alongside all other sports, Kulta says about shaping her repertoire.

The next impetus in the direction of the formulas came at the World Hockey Championships in Germany in 1983. Finland played miserably, but on May Day Gold was offered the opportunity for more uplifting news coverage.

– A couple of journalists from the capital were going to watch the formula race in Imola, and they asked me to join. At the time, it was easy when accreditation was obtained only by registering.

Reigning world champion Rosberg finished fourth in the race.

– I was on the spot for the first time, and everything that happened live went right under my skin. It felt like more needed this.

Gold made it to the final meters of Rosberg’s F1 career in three more GPs. After a small period of Finnish summer, they rose to the limelight Jyrki Järvilehto and Mika Hakkinen, and Gold’s career as an F1 journalist got back on track.

– I was in Hockenheim for the first time doing a story about Järvilhto, and from then on it started to condense. When Häkkinen got to the top stable and Mika Salokin came along, so the idea of ​​focusing on only one species began to tease.

Corona break

Since 1997, Gold has focused solely on writing from Formula 1.

– From the end of that year until 2011, I was on site at all the races except a couple of Midsummer weekends when no magazine came.

Kimi Räikkönen’s rally run for a couple of years also interrupted Kulla’s regular travel to the F1 races.

– When Kimi came back, from then on there were again a dozen races per season, he puts on his business trips.

At the end of last year, Gold had followed 371 F1 races on the spot.

– This year there would have been 10-11 races, but not the first.

Gold underwent heart surgery in 2009.

– When Korona attacked and I belong to the risk group, I couldn’t go to the race. It’s a shame because it grows so in. The 300 people who are in the depot there is almost like a family community.

– At first there were quite a few withdrawal symptoms, but little by little I got used to it, now this is done at home.

Gold, 65, retired at the end of 2018, but he still continues as a formula editor.

– I founded my own company, and no matter how, Turku Sanomat was my first partner.

Kulta also writes about formulas for Apu and Helsingin Sanomat.

– I still work a lot together with my international links, even though quite a few of those journalists have been present at the Games during the Korona period.

The best places

Gold has been able to see the world for his work – though he corrects the definition a bit.

– You don’t see much of the world in it, mainly airports, hotels and tracks.

Gold raises Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and Canada as the most amazing venues.

– The atmosphere and visual side of the Singapore Evening Competition is such that even the finest films do not have the same. There’s a damn friendly gang in Malaysia, and that warmth is nice when I like the sauna anyway, he laughs.

– Australia would be a great country to always go, but it is so wickedly far away and it takes time to recover from a long flight. Canada is also a great place, and in early June, the Stanley Cup finals were always seen there in the evenings.

Kulta had time for free TV in Montreal due to the time difference, when the work was already completed at about 5 p.m.

Of course, in addition to the works, Kulta has had time to get to know some memorable objects outside the tracks. At the top of his mind has remained Evita Peronin tomb in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

– Or rather, it was a mausoleum.

Gold can’t say with certainty whether his 371 race balance will increase in the years to come.

– It would be interesting to go, but the world situation will determine whether it dares to go anywhere.

Heikki Kulla’s book Iceman – Kim’s Journey (Readme) will be published on Tuesday.