Finn Johannes Brandt was attacked by swordfish on Friday along with two of his fellow travelers. They were moving the boat from Tenerife to Britain on behalf of the boat owners.

The entourage had reached only 30 nautical miles, or about 55 kilometers, from the town of La Coruña in Spain, where they had been refueling when the whale attack began. Iltalehti reported on the case earlier in this story.

Brandt slept at the start of the attack, it was his turn of rest.

– I woke up when the boat started throwing back and forth, he tells Iltalehti.

Initially, it was suspected that the problem would be on an autopilot with which there had been problems before. The party tried to figure out what it was all about.

Then the rudder suddenly no longer obeyed, but began to strike in the direction of the hand.

– Then came the cry that “swordfish, swordfish”.

At this point, Brandt was aware of one previous swordfish attack on a Spanish military ship. It later emerged that there had been numerous others.

Boat data show that whales circled the boat several times and, as in other cases, caught the rudder in particular.

– They struck at least 15 to 20 times with force against the rudder.

In the boat tooth marks, rudder cracked

After the blows, the party turned off the engine and all the electronics, and eventually the whales moved elsewhere. However, they came back to cram the boat again as the lifeboat towed the boat toward the coast. The lifeboat crew said they had been attacked by swordfish.

– It was only in the countries that it came to mind that it could have ended badly.

Brandt says they always saw only one whale at a time, but the scientists they’ve talked to believe there were two whales. It would be the same swordsman who has attacked other boats as well. According to researchers, they have come from Gibraltar in pursuit of tuna.

Currently, the Beautiful Dreamer boat is on land in Spain, where it is being inspected for damage. According to Brandt, the boat looks pretty bad.

The party was still flying home during Monday and will possibly be back in a month to try to move the boat again.

In the countries, Spanish scientists came to the boat to check its condition. It turned out that it has a lot of tooth marks.

– They attacked the rudder very strongly, the rudder has cracked. The whole control system broke down.

Thus, after the attack, the boat was no longer steerable.

Brandt now lives in Stockholm, where he moved ten years ago to work as a sound engineer. Similarly, another Finnish travel partner currently lives in Stockholm. The captain of the boat is English.

Having been boating for eight years, Brandt has never experienced anything like it before.

According to researchers, the behavior of swordfish is very unusual and worrying. The cause is not yet known, but it may be related to the stress experienced by the endangered species.