Joe Biden has been leading for months, according to polls Donald Trumpia about 7-9 percentage points in the U.S. presidential election. From the expected first debate, Trump was believed to get a kick-off from the big run, which the Finnish analyst Tero Kuittinen however, did not materialize.

Trump attacked Joe Biden on several occasions, such as accusing him of extreme leftism, claiming Biden Hunterboy received millions from Russia and doubting the fairness of the election.

– Trump spoke to angry men. Those who have lost out to the Republicans are white educated women, and they are not bitten by such a roar.

– At the end, Biden said he would accept the election result and Trump went completely confused. The president pointed out that the Supreme Court will decide the outcome and that electoral fraud will take place massively. Trump prepared to openly deny the election result.

Nor did Biden actually sparkle during the debate. Kuittinen says it was, however, expected.

– Nothing Biden said was memorable, interesting or fun. It appealed to those people who want to get back to their boring and ordinary lives.

– Every American knows that Biden is no gunpowder inventor, but he stayed with him and struck against him, and he did not hesitate or stray. Trump’s attempt to make Biden look weak failed.

Kuittinen points out that Trump’s offensive style works great with core supporters, but polls say this group isn’t big enough for an election victory.

Biden has managed to snap the suburban educated people Trump needs in Libra-speaking states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

– Trump should have drastically changed the election dynamics right now and he should have come up with some way to get the white women back. However, he has only one gear.

– The fact that nothing changed after the party meetings was a sign that nothing will change.

Indeed, according to the data, Trump currently has a steep hill to ride if he wants to be president of the United States. Kuittinen no longer believes this.

– If there had been a change in strategy, statesmanship or whatever, then of course he would have done it in the first debate. If there’s nothing but a snatch over the moderator, then it was here.