Editor of the American newspaper New York Times Elizabeth Bruenig aroused enthusiasm in his Finnish followers after announcing on Twitter that he was going to dress for Halloween Sanna Marini. Bruenig’s tweet has garnered dozens of comments, giving him tips on how to make the Marin show a success, among other things.

– You need a black pencil skirt, a black blazer, a Kalevala jewel (optional), a restrained appearance and a very sharp mind (mandatory), Bruenig is advised.

– Also the most amazing hair quality ever, another continues.

Bruenig is also reminded of Marin’s typical way of holding his hands on his hips.

Later, Bruenig asked the Finns to comment on the popular meme, where a shirtless man waving the Finnish flag in the market square. Bruenig soon received the answer he wanted for his tweet.

Bruenig has more than 176,000 followers on Twitter, so his Finnish connection in the form of a Marin-Halloween costume has received reasonable attention. With her first Marin tweet, over 750 likes and over 70 shares.

Prior to his job description in the New York Times, Bruenig has written for The Washington Post, where he was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in 2019. The story that progressed to a Pulitzer finalist dealt with a rape of a teenage girl.