The First Section of the Audience of Navarra has sentenced a football coach to a fine of 1,350 euros for eight humiliating treatment of two 10-year-old children in Pamplona.

According to the sentence, which has been issued in accordance with an agreement between the prosecutor and the defense, the accused, aged 44, You must also compensate with 300 euros for moral damage to each of the minors, to which you will not be able to get closer than 200 meters for 6 months or communicate with them during that time.

The trial, scheduled for September 2, was not held in its entirety after the agreement reached, reports the Superior Court of Justice of Navarra explaining that at the beginning of the oral hearing, as a preliminary question, the prosecution, that initially accused of a crime of sexual abuse to minors under 16 years, changed the legal classification of the facts to a crime of mild coercion.

The sentence considers it proven that, on undetermined dates, but in any case prior to February 26, 2019, the defendant, in his capacity as coach of an eight-of-a-kind soccer team from Pamplona he gave two of his players “sardinetas” or “blows with the index finger and the middle finger of the hand on the penis or on the ass of the minors”.

“The accused carried out this conduct with humiliating spirit and only with these two children, and only when minors were naked in the showers, with the excuse that they hurried because they lagged behind after training ”, the court decision states.

The judicial proceeding, investigated by Examining Court number 4 of Pamplona, ​​was opened based on a report prepared by the Higher Police Headquarters in relation to a possible crime against sexual freedom.