Find out why Lucas Lucco’s wife opted for a new pregnancy 1 year after abortion

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Lucas Lucco’s wife, Lorena Carvalho revealed the reason for waiting almost 1 year to get pregnant after spontaneous abortion in 2019. In a publication on Instagram this Sunday (18), the model explained the reason for having patience in the new pregnancy. “At the time, the doctor asked. I had undergone surgery after a uterine perforation, I also had an infectious condition that ended up leading me to stay in the ICU. My body had gone through a very stressful situation, a lot of medication, I lost a lot of weight. (I had severe anemia), apart from the psychological issue, right? “, he warned.

Lorena Carvalho notes change in mood during pregnancy

Lorena Carvalho completed 4 months of pregnancy and noticed some changes in mood during pregnancy. “Physically, I’m very well! I rarely feel sick, I don’t feel as sleepy as I did at the beginning and I’m active. Emotionally, there are days and days, at least for me. Days of great joy and excitement, days full of doubts and fears, days full of anguish and sometimes even sadness, even for no reason. Even today I’m like this “, pointed out the model, who blames the hormones for the changes.

Lucas Lucco’s wife does pilates in pregnancy for pain

Having completed 19 weeks of gestation on Sunday (18), Lorena Carvalho confessed to having started taking pilates classes due to back pain. “I do pilates twice a week and, on the other days, I bet on a light aerobic or weight training exercises. Physical activity brings many benefits, whether pregnant or not. But it is very important to have medical clearance and receive the help of a professional” , pointed out the model who noticed a change in sensations after training: “The pains have decreased a lot. I hardly have it”.

Lorena Carvalho delivers skin change during pregnancy

Keeping her sex life active during pregnancy, Lorena Carvalho revealed that she noticed changes in the body due to the pregnancy of her 1st child with Lucas Lucco. “I feel that my skin has become drier, as well as my hair”, pointed out the model who prefers not to go into details about body and weight: “I find it so complicated to talk about weight, because I believe it must be very relative for each woman, right? For now, I don’t feel comfortable sharing “.

Find out the possible names of the son of Lucas Lucco and Lorena!

Lucas Lucco and Lorena Carvalho have not yet decided on the baby’s name, but they are in doubt between the names Francisco, Joaquim, José and Moisés. “We really don’t know yet! Every time we change our minds”, revealed the model.

(By Ana Clara Xavier)


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