Find out how much Gusttavo Lima will pay child support and Andressa Suita!

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Gusttavo Lima will pay R $ 56.5 thousand in pension to Andressa Suita and her children, Gabriel and Samuel. After filing for divorce, the singer received a court order forcing him to pay 54 minimum wages per month by the end of 2021, according to the newspaper EXTRA. The sertanejo must pay his ex-wife R $ 25 thousand in the 1st year after the separation, while the heirs of 3 and 2 years old are entitled to R $ 15.6 thousand per month until they reach the age of majority. The owner of the hit “Carro de Areia” will also bear, separately, the costs of school and health insurance. O Purepeople got in touch with the ex-couple’s staff, but got no response.

Andressa Suita wants 30% of Gusttavo Lima’s fortune

Gusttavo Lima does not intend to argue with Andressa Suita because of money, having even said that there was no need to call the Justice to decide the pension. The model, theoretically, is not entitled to the artist’s fortune, valued at R $ 150 million, for having married under a total division of assets. However, the ex-couple must share part of the assets they acquired when they were together. Thus, the fashionista would have a percentage of 30%, which is equivalent to about R $ 45 million, according to the newspaper.

Justice changes determination and Gusttavo Lima takes mansion

Andressa Suita won an injunction that gave her the right to live on the farm, where Gusttavo Lima is meeting with her children. However, the order was overturned giving the singer the right to continue with full ownership of the mansion, which drew attention for having a river, sauna and more. At the same time, the model denied an attempt to reach an agreement with her ex-husband’s lawyers over the division of assets that followed in the dispute for sharing, according to the newspaper EXTRA.

Gusttavo Lima denies concern over pension amount

Gusttavo Lima, shortly after the announcement of the separation, denied worrying about the amount of the pension he would pay to his ex-wife, Andressa Suita, and their children. “Do you have to pay R $ 100 thousand in pensions? I’m going to pay and that’s it … And that’s not something that has to go to the judge. I’ll settle with her. Andressa is also entitled to a pension, okay, I pay. I just want to get well. Stay in peace, “shot the artist at the time, and added:” Just as I entered the relationship, I wanted to go out the front door. No mess, no cheating. We have two kids to create for the rest of our lives. Our relationship has always been very peaceful. ”

(By Ana Clara Xavier)


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