Apple is a company that does not usually publish the battery capacities of its iPhone on the website, but it is customary to indicate the autonomy in hours depending on various uses.

This has always generated intrigue among users, since the battery of the iPhone It is always one of the key points in the launch of each of these devices since it is usually the first element that wears out with the passage of time and loads.

Recently, Apple introduced its new series of iPhone 12 devices and it has even pointed out that its batteries have a high performance, but the specific specifications in mAh were not revealed.

However, Anatel, the National Telecommunications Agency in Brazil, has recorded these computers, revealing the actual battery for both iPhone 12 mini, as of iPhone 12.

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The iPhone 12 battery exposed

According to the records in Anatel, he iPhone 12 mini It has a 2227 mAh battery, which is superior battery capacity of the iPhone SE 2020, which carries 1821 mAh.

As for the other team for which we have information, the iPhone 12, we know that it is certified with a 2815 mAh battery, a capacity less than that of iPhone 11 that carries 3110 mAh; however, it would not necessarily be a negative in duration, since it has a better optimization.

Apple stated that the iPhone 12 It should offer up to 17 hours of video playback, while the mini version would last 15 hours.

If you want to know more information regarding the whole new family of iPhone 12 Presented by Apple, we recommend the following video:

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